Friday, February 8, 2013

A Rose & Violet Cream Tea...

Welcome Once Again, Dearest Friends....

....welcome to my special Valentine's Day Tea...

A Rose and Violet Cream Tea,
with a few unconventional additions
from London and Paris...

Princess Sugar Verbena,
wearing her
Drop-of-Cream Royal Crown,
 is sitting
 inside one of the giant roses
I found and brought into The Tearoom!
I thought they would be
a fun and comfortable 
(and not to mention, fragrant!)
place to sit
while having our treats!
I am so happy to see her again and
The Tearoom is very honored
she accepted our invitation for today!

dAdA doll Rose de Blanc
and her baby,
Rose Lapin
are here for
the Valentine festivities
as well!

Shall we see what awaits us in the samovar?

Harney & Sons
chocolate tea with rosebuds...

perhaps you'd prefer
like Princess Sugar is having...?

In a cream tea,
scones are traditionally served with strawberry jam
and clotted cream....

....but may we try something
a bit more adventuresome than
the strawberry jam?

Today, shall we try
from Fauchon of Paris,
 with rose petals, 

Will you take cream or sugar in your tea,
whipped cream for your hot chocolate?

...And so, I take you for a few moments,
to my favorite cinematic vacation spot
"Les Vacances de M. Hulot"
(Mr. Hulot's Vacation)...
It is the night of the masked ball,
there at the hotel,
and the eccentric but always-polite Monsieur Hulot
has a chance to dance with that
charming young lady, also staying at the hotel!
(Notice how gallant he is as he tries
not to touch her bare back as they dance!!!)
If you have not yet seen this movie,
please do so.
If you have seen it,
please see it again!

...and something romantic and wistful from Duran Duran

Before you leave, please allow me to spoil you once more...
...from Paris, 


from London, Rose and Violet Cream Chocolates
from Rococo of London...

Thank you so much for joining me
and my guests!
Wishing you a Most Happy Valentine's Day!

Images used in my collages from:
The Graphics Fairy
Tumblefish Studios
and many of the images used
were from my collage sheets
from Velvet Revived,
my shop on Etsy.
The image of the scone from
my Pinterest board
"Tea at The Tearoom".


  1. Gorgeous! I don't think you could have chosen a better theme for your tea party. I love things that are rose and violet flavoured. I didn't know you could hot chocolate like that though, it sounds divine.

    Your digital artwork is so beautiful with your wonderfully eccentric characters.

  2. Thank you so much, Rachel! I have fun in my imaginary world!!

    I was happy (and surprised) to have found so many treats for the party with roses and/or violets in them! The roses are in honor of my mother as they were her favorite flower. And the violets (and pansies) are some of mine. Also, our birthdays are this month (mine today) and violets are the flower for February!

    I am so happy you could stop by today!


  3. SOoooooooo invited and SO gorgeous Tea Party with a wonderful Violet colurs!!!

    Thank you so much,dear Betty:-)*

    I wish you beautiful weekend,

  4. How very, very, positively lovely!! Everything is so so pretty. And delicious. HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet dear B and thank you for being such a wonderful friend!!! <3

  5. This was a tea party to remember for years to come! How did you know I love scones with clotted cream? The preserves made them to die for! I must tell you, though, it was the very first time I've had chocolate tea with rosebuds. I hope you don't mind that I had two cups, because I loved it so much. I'm afraid I have to admit I made a pig of myself. I couldn't resist a cup of hot chocolate and a rose-vanilla macaron while watching the entertainment. Thank you so much for the wonderful and colorful time! (I do so hope you didn't see me slip a rose and violet cream into my handkerchief as I was getting ready to leave. Otherwise you may not invite me to your tea party.)

  6. Did someone say rose and violet cream tea?

    And make mention of a Princess Verbena, sugared no less???

    And and, so much more scrumptiousness???

    OH MY!!

    WHipped cream in my hot chocolate? WHY YES!!!! Double ;)


  7. Dear Violetta,
    It is always so lovely to see you here at The Tearoom!

    Dear Maria-Thérèse,
    Thank you for being such a lovely friend and stopping by for virtual treats!

    Dear Bill,
    You are always most welcome at my teas anytime! That is the wonderful thing about virtual teas! You can have as much as you like!

    Dear Vanessa,
    I'm so happy you stopped by my tea! It was so much fun to see you here!

    Hugs to all,

  8. Dear Betty,
    This is my first time here and I am fascinated. A virtual tea room with great flair, creativity and whimsy. Fabo!
    Ruthie from:

  9. Oh Betty, what an exquisite post and thank you for inviting me for tea. :-) I am wishing you beautiful St. Valentine's Day! What a pleasure it is to visit you. :-)Thank you so very much for this treat - exactly what I needed to charge my inspiration today.

  10. Beautiful! And delicious...

    Just a thought - do you like Mariage Freres? I love their teas...and they're French, which just makes them feel a bit more sophisticated.

  11. Dear Ruthie,
    I'm so glad you have found The Tearoom! Please come back anytime for tea and treats!

    Dearest Anya,
    I'm so happy to see you here again! You have been missed!

    Dearest Joyti,
    Thank you for visiting The Tearoom again! Yes, I am familiar with Mariage Frères! Their vanilla tea is scrumptious!


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