Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Butterfly Princess of Great Potential

Here is my collage for this week's challenge 
where the inspiration this week is Maps!

I call it "Butterfly Princess of Great Potential".  
I had so much fun with this!  
I altered a vintage photo of Louise Brooks
(who is so lovely, but was looking a little serious
in this picture for this project!)
I added the face of another lovely actress
 and Ziegfield dancer of yesteryear,
Drucilla Strain and then added wings made from a
vintage map of Paris!
Her crown is the little directional thingy
that is on most maps, her brooch is the Palais de Louvre,
and there are strips of the map all through her
glittery dress!

This collage is serving two purposes.
One, as my submission for this challenge, 
but I also designed it as a 
"Good Luck and Happy Retirement"card
for our friend Dawn, who is retiring from her job
at our teeny tiny post office, here in our teeny tiny town.
We will miss Our Miss Dawn!
She was always so sweet.
(I added lots of Black Diamond, Platinum and
Cinnamon Stickles to her card to make it
extra festive!!!)

I hope The Butterfly Princess brings many years
of doing the things she would like to do with
her life!


  1. I really like this. The wings are great.

  2. Hi Betty! Its so lovely to hear from you. Thank you for the lovely comment.
    Its a new year - and I hope yours will be beautiful.
    Also, I added you on Twitter :)

  3. She's beautiful! I know Dawn will love that card.

  4. What a fun piece of art.xx

  5. She's outstanding! Bravo!

  6. I love your beautiful butterfly princess! She looks ready to take off on new adventures. Thanks for participating in CO this week!

  7. Dear Betty,

    Thank you so very uch for your visit by me and always SO kind comments!:-)*

    I like your creation really much because of you story here and your ideas behind of it,wonderful!!!

    I wish you a very good week ahead,



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