Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Butterfly Princess of Great Potential

Here is my collage for this week's challenge 
where the inspiration this week is Maps!

I call it "Butterfly Princess of Great Potential".  
I had so much fun with this!  
I altered a vintage photo of Louise Brooks
(who is so lovely, but was looking a little serious
in this picture for this project!)
I added the face of another lovely actress
 and Ziegfield dancer of yesteryear,
Drucilla Strain and then added wings made from a
vintage map of Paris!
Her crown is the little directional thingy
that is on most maps, her brooch is the Palais de Louvre,
and there are strips of the map all through her
glittery dress!

This collage is serving two purposes.
One, as my submission for this challenge, 
but I also designed it as a 
"Good Luck and Happy Retirement"card
for our friend Dawn, who is retiring from her job
at our teeny tiny post office, here in our teeny tiny town.
We will miss Our Miss Dawn!
She was always so sweet.
(I added lots of Black Diamond, Platinum and
Cinnamon Stickles to her card to make it
extra festive!!!)

I hope The Butterfly Princess brings many years
of doing the things she would like to do with
her life!

What I Have Been Working On...

These are the Valentines that I made for the Special Delivery Project from the Etsy Blog.  I sent them to the Etsy offices in Brooklyn so that some of the members of Etsy admin can deliver handmade Valentines with meals to the elderly for Citymeals-on-Wheels, the Meals-On-Wheels program in New York City.

When my father was living at the Veterans' Home, I remember how happy he was to receive handmade cards like this, made by volunteers.  He would happily show me the cards he got and I saw that even though he didn't know the person who had made it, he was just happy to receive it.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It Has Been Too Long...

...since we had tea!

I hope to see you here on the 8th...

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Everyday is Valentine's Day Giveaway!

Too early to be thinking about this, you say?  January is still such a baby caterpillar and shows very few signs of turning into a February butterfly? Really now, Dear Friends, even if you don't believe that everyday is Valentine's Day, shouldn't you at least be starting to think about valentines for your loved one(s)?  Your valentines won't take the paper and glue out of your desk and make themselves, you know!  Maybe you need just a bit of inspiration...

I just finished creating a fun set of digital collage sheets for Velvet Revived.  The set is called "The Digital Valentine" and is made up of fun and beautiful images from the 1920's and 30's: French postcards, vintage soap and cosmetic labels, flower frames made from flower images from a vintage seed catalog and more.  And just because you are such nice friends, I wanted to surprise you!  I am giving away one of these sets, complete with some ideas for putting the pieces together!

Just leave a comment below and on Sunday, January 20th,  I will draw a name and announce a winner! If you would like to get a better look at this fun set of images (or if you just can't wait to own them!), please click here.

Have fun planning your Valentine's Day and keep watching for more Valentine fun!

Don't forget to leave a comment to be entered for the drawing!!!