Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Surprises...

Oh my goodness...
Such a long time between chats with you, My Dear Friends...

So, while I finish some projects, here are some hints...

Some new friends...


some you may remember from before,

now seen in a whole new light!

(Very exciting!)

And please don't forget to meet me back here


Saturday, July 28th

for another Very Mad Tea Party,

hosted by Mademoiselle Vanessa

from A Fanciful Twist....

(I'm still being VERY quiet about my plans for this...!)


  1. I love each time I step into your tearoom. It wraps its arms around me and the scent of Earl Grey steeping dances across the room~ I will be back if I can on Saturday but until then, I may just sit right here and wait:))

  2. Dearest Janet,
    You are always more than welcome to spend as much time as you wish here! Please feel free to camp out underneath the stars while waiting for The Mad Tea Party next Saturday! I'm quite quiet in my preparations and before you know it, the day will arrive!

    With biggest hugs,

  3. Dear Betty,

    How wonderful is again to hear from you:-)*

    It looks and sounds very excited......

    I look forward to your new post,my dear friend!

    My warm hugs,


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