Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Mad Tea Party 2012

Welcome, Dearest Friends!

We are so happy to see you!

We didn't tell you that our party today is not at the Gossamer Tearoom,

but instead,

at another Grand Tearoom of The Imagination!

Please travel with us!

I love road-trips on warm, summer nights, don't you?

Our little car glides quietly through the night 

and we are listening to our favorite tunes.

as we make our way to The Mad Tea Party.

We know all of our favorite blogging friends are waiting there for us,

especially our dear friend Miss Vanessa of

Under a full moon, we sing to the music

and ponder something we have been thinking about for a while...

What if the man in the moon in the moon is really a woman?

We are almost there now...

You see, it didn't take too long, barely long enough for anyone to say,

"Are we there yet?"

One of the most amazing part of our trip is driving past

 the very rare, very elegant black tea rose bushes.

Ooooh....the scent....

He stopped the car and picked one of the beautiful roses for me.

I will wear it in my hair...

Another unusual feature of this very charming town is their unique street lights.

They are bird cages!

Each night, all of the fire-flies in the area come and congregate inside the cages

All of them together make a beautiful chartreuse light!

Sometime just before daylight, they all go home again.

Thank you, Dear Fire-Flies!

We check the time as we go past the samovar clock-tower.

We don't want to be late!

So many buildings here in Tea-Ville are built from giant pastries,

like this,

The Beautiful and Famous Black Rose Hotel!

And, some of the little tea-cup houses have lovely roof-top gardens,

just over-flowing with an exotic variety of giant pansies!!

Oh Goodie!

We have arrived at The Teapot Tearoom!

And just as in my dream from a few nights ago,

we drive through a thick fog before driving up the stairs

Yes, we are driving inside the house!

(The Drive-In Mad Tea Party here is so much fun!!)

And our car is so clever!

It telescopes up to become much shorter

and now it seems as though it is a car from a carnival ride!!

I LOVED those!!!

Did you too??

As we come to the top floor, it seems as though we might be outside again...

What are those things flying through the air??

They are not...

could they be....

pineapple and blackberry....

strawberry and cherry....


(I loved pineapple upside-down cake as a child,

but I could have sworn it looked different than this!)

Which flavor would you choose?

You only need whisper your choice 

and the butterfly carrying it will bring it to your plate!!

And as for the tea...

What is our selection?

Why...The Black Tea Rose,  of course!

And what does it taste like, you might ask?

It is an elegant, yet complex, Alice-in-Wonderlandian blend...

afternoon tea and roses in full bloom,

pineapple and memories of summer,

blackberries and warm, summer drives at night,

cherries, chocolate

tiny cars from carnival rides,

memories of fun meal eaten at drive-ins

strawberries, vanilla whipped cream and....



Thank you to all the friends, 

old and new,

who have visited here today!

Thank you to Julia of Cemerony, Karen of The Graphics Fairy, Kirsi of Itkupilli

for some of the images I used in my collages here.

And most especially,

Thank You to Mademoiselle Vanessa


for hosting the most fun blog parties!!

Please visit her party and everyone else listed as party-goers

for today's fun all-day, all-weekend, all-week extravaganza!!


  1. Amazing work - artful graphics!

    Please give a visit at ~

  2. This was truly a very special party! I love black roses and especially love upside down cake. I hope you don't mind that I couldn't decide which one I wanted most, so I tasted them all! I tried not to eat too much, but, as usual, my stomach has a mind of its own. Thank you so much for the wonderful time!

  3. Magical party! Please stop by mine if you can! :)

  4. What a sweet and surreal tea party! Thank you so much for having me :)

    Please do come take tea with me at mine:

  5. Tea rooms of the imagination are the bestest most wonderful for sure!! Loooove the incredible graphic art!!!!

    Darling yoU!! Thank you soooo much for being here, truly!! xoxo

    Happy Mad Tea Partying!
    ♥ Vanessa {a fanciful twist}

  6. I adore all of your collages! They are almost in the style of Edward Gorey...the black and white images are remiss of his art work...which is a very nice compliment! Very special Mad Tea Party! I want one of those Black Roses! And the Black Rose tea too!
    Thank you for stopping by to visit my Mad Tea Party too!
    I had a most enjoyable time today too!
    Teresa in California

  7. What a great party and you are right those black roses smell divine!
    I do hope you will come visit my tea party when you get a moment!

  8. Love theatre with the images. Just wonderful! I would love to invite you to visit my party as well.

  9. Wonderful! I loved your gorgeous surreal tea party, and the journey to it was just fantastic!

  10. ohhh strawberry upside down cake, yes please :)
    Thank you so much for inviting me,
    I hope to see you soon at my party too, everyone is invited :)
    Mad Madam Mel x

  11. How wonderful your Mad Tea Party is, I love your style. The photos are wonderful, what is the old image on the movie screen, it reminds me of a very old film. Thanks for inviting me to your tea. Pour me a cup of tea and pass the sweets I am pulling up a chair and planning on staying a spell. Kathy

  12. Thank you so much for all of your lovely comments and for coming to visit!

    Kathy, thanks for reminding me! I have had it for a while and have forgotten the source. I thought it was from a silent movie version of Alice from 1913, but I am only seeing versions from 1903 and 1915! But they are both fun to watch on YouTube and in fact, I included one of them in my party from last year! Here's the link!


  13. A correction...
    The Alice in Wonderland image is from the 1915 version of the movie after all! My husband found it on a Facebook site called "Decaying Hollywood Mansions".

  14. I had a lovely time at your party and loved all of the graphicss. Very well done. Thank you for inviting me. Please visit me:

  15. A very romantic party. I loved the birdcage lights and all the special goodies. thankyou for the invite and for visiting me. xxx

  16. What a lovely party! I love all of your photo creations! And thanks for the wonderful comment you left on my blog :) I love visitors! ♥♥

  17. wonderfully magical tea party ... thank you for inviting me it was divine hugs wendy

  18. Beautiful art, as usual, Betty! hope you are well...

    Thanks for the treats!

  19. What a lovely Mad Tea Party! I really loved all the vintage imagery - perfect for a ride back to Victorian times. Thank you for a delightful time!

  20. Thank you for taking me along on your magical tea party's been wonder-ful!

  21. Amazingly beautiful and mysterious! Such an emotional trip, thanks for tagging me along :) I love the whimsical teapots, the starry night and especially the lavish dark flowers everywhere!

  22. Than you so much for this wonderful journey. Black tea roses, I'd love a garden full of those. My biggest delight? The Upside-down Cakes! I'll have pineapple, please!

  23. What fun!It was an enchanting ride in the most magical car.Loved the drive in tea party-Denise

  24. Wow, some of the best mixed media I have ever seen - love, love, love!
    hope you can stop by my parties!

  25. a truly fun and whimsical party!!
    thank you for having me

  26. Oh what a fabulous tea party! As you know I have been simply mad running from one party to the next but your flying upside down cakes were the most exquisite yet! Thank you for coming to my party as well and leaving such a sweet comment! I had a most enjoyable time remembering when things were more simple! I hope to see you again next year!
    Beth P

  27. That was a lovely and magical party thank you!
    Sarah :)

  28. Love the digital art. Especially like the butterfly upside down strawberry cakes.

  29. You rock!!!
    Your digital collage is awesome!

  30. Seriously amazing job, I am impressed by your art! I, too, appreciate a good summer cruise and while I have yet to go to a drive through tea party, I must say, the idea is very exciting! :)

  31. Trippy! Very creative. It's like I was there...

    Thank you for the experience. :-)


  32. What a magical party, thanks for having me!

  33. Betty this was a beautiful imaginary trip. I would love to use that car up
    by the stairs...
    You are a true party story teller. Thank's for sharing!

  34. Thank you so much for inviting me to tea! Your party is amazing and beautiful!

  35. Running late, I'm trying to catch UP! The ride with you in that magical car was just simply Crazy Mad FUN! Thank you for a very CLEVER and Beautiful post! Cheers!

  36. What wonderful collages! Enjoyed them immensely. I personally believe the man in the moon IS a woman. ;) And a huge slice of strawberry upside down cake for me, please.

  37. These images are just positively delicious, like a violet licorice creation at Ladurée or Pierre Hermé or any other glamorous place... I love the car going up the stairs! Wheeeee! Sincerely you latest latecomer, hugs + love and thanks for this superb visual delight!

  38. Wonderful digital collages and dreamy story too. I enjoyed celebrating the madness with you too. Oh, isn't it delightful to be mad and giddy?
    Thank you for stopping by the shop, love. Following and looking forward to more visits.
    Wondrous wishes!

  39. Thank you so much to everyone who came along for the ride!!




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