Saturday, April 21, 2012

No Doubt...

After seeing this sketch by Pierre Hermé, is there any question that the best patisserie is art in its own right and that Haute Patisserie can be compared to Haute Couture?

I only wish I was going to be in France for the exhibit of the sketches he has made of some of his wonderful creations. They will be on display at three of his locations at Galeries Lafayette stores. But for those Dear Readers of The Tearoom who live in Paris or who plan to visit there by the end of the month, here is more information about the exhibit from his site:

Exhibition of Sketches
With pleasure as his only guide, PH imagine the architecture of taste, flavors, textures, and then draws his fantasies and his daring sweet on paper before giving them life. His sketches allow the transmission and reproduction of the fruit of his imagination. The designs evolve over time, encounters, discoveries and inspiration, their design is the impression left by this process.

On display at Galleries Lafayette stores in the 9eme in Paris, in Nantes and in Strasbourg from April 4 through 30.

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