Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Me at 50....

Today I am 50.
This is me.
And this is what my Darling Mr. V has posted on his Facebook page:

In my mind, it is 2006 and I am sitting at my job at a photographer's studio, watching out the window, because I can see the Dupont Circle Metro at Q Street from here...

Today is not just my birthday, but an anniversary for us. Six years ago, after not having seen each other for 18 years, My Dear Love got on a plane to Washington, DC (where he had never been before), got on the Metro to Dupont Circle (he had never been on a subway before) and came to stay with me for 5 days (it was supposed to be only 4 days, but he got snowed in and had to go back the next day instead). On the third day, he woke me up to tell me that he wanted to move to DC. He visited again in March for his birthday and in April, moved there in June, proposed to me on Fourth of July and we were married at The Woodrow Wilson House on May 31st of the next year. How I deserved such a fairy-tale life, I do not know, but my gratitude knows no words to express it.

If he had not done this, I might have still had who-knows how many more birthdays. But without him, there would be no double reason to celebrate today. Chivalry is not dead, but just be aware, I may have been lucky enough to have been swept away by one of the last known knights. I don't know how I deserve it. I'm just glad I was.

If you ever see anyone who shows this much bravery, don't let them get away.
And don't get too very worried about how many years it takes to get them back.
Just make sure they don't get away again.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, dear, dear B! I'm all teared up by this text. Hope you are having a fantastic day. Thank you so much for always being so supportive, sweet, cheerful and thoughtful. You truly are one of a kind. Lots of love!!!

  2. Thank you Maria-Thérèse!!!!! It's awfully sweet of you!



  3. I was away for your birthday so belated wishes to you - and what a lovely story of the celebration of your anniversary!!! xo


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