Sunday, February 19, 2012


Velvet Revived, A Digital Department Store

...the newest shop on Etsy in The Gossamer Tearoom family!!!

I've have been very busy turning the piles of beautiful ephemera left to me by my mother, along with a collection of my own into a new line of very original digital collage sheets!

The first sheets are called

Wishes and Apple Blossoms,

Fresh and Delicious


Bunnies and Pink Blossoms!

Please keep checking back!

More new sheets coming soon!!


  1. It's looking good, I sent you a message on twitter about it too.

  2. Such cute little bunnies! Even the pink is welcome to see this time of year. I can't spend any more money this month. We'll have to see what bills next month brings. :)

  3. Beautiful stuff!!! But $2.50 - you won't make any money?

    P.S. Forgot to reply re: fika. Yes, it's still fika if you're at home, even by yourself :) :)

  4. Dear rachel133,
    Thank you for the publicity! I'm still getting comfortable with Twitter and I appreciate your help!

    Dear Bill,
    Absolutely no worries. We paddle along in a very similar boat to yours and so we do not expect all of our friends to be our art patrons! Some are just our friends and fellow paddlers!!

    Dear Maria-Thérèse,
    Thank you!!!! Actually, most of my favorite collage sheet artists sell their sheets for $2-$3.50 each. In this economy, I love being able to get a treat for myself for so little money and am happy to have a chance to do the same back! But thank you for worrying about us and thank you for the answer about fika!

  5. LOVE your newest shop Betty!!!! Best of luck with it!


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