Friday, December 23, 2011

Snow White and Rose Red Christmas Tea

It's Christmas and the snowflakes fall without sound outside...
Inside, we are cozy, warm and safe.

It's so fun when it is just you and I
having tea together here,
but it really is a bit of an extra treat
to see so many friends here in The Tearoom tonight.

Welcome back, Dear Friends,
to the refuge of our imaginations.
Real Life is turned away at the door tonight.

And what for tea?
Only just a few jewel-like treats...

(Since it is a virtual tea,
we may be as extravagant as we wish.
It is Christmas, after all.)

Of course, there is tea....
I love Christmas, but I love Spring and Summer and more.
So, I could not resist selecting the Summer Blend Tea
from Betjeman & Barton of Paris
(Those beautiful citrus flavors will perfectly complement
the other treats
and remind us that
warm weather will be with us again soon...

...and a Buche de Nöel
(this one is called "Ella"
from The House of Pierre Hermé),
all shiny and crimson
with the flavors of red berries,
olive oil.

....and a most beautiful and savory treat,
a Lobster and Asparagus Charlotte
from The House of Dalloyau

(I'm not certain who has invited the squirrels,
but all are welcome here.
Of course it would be rude
not to provide a treat for them,
as well as all of the other
sweet and furry ones who are visiting)

The Secret Chef of The Tearoom
has quickly whipped up some little round
nut biscuits for the squirrels,
bone-shaped peanut-butter biscuits for Twisby
(the sweet whippet who is the companion
of Lady Tweaze-Whickle,
seen arriving at the party in the first
of the pictures of the guests),
and fish-shaped salmon biscuits for
our own Dear Dapple.

More of our Dear Friends, chatting with each other...

My Aunt Hazel once told me
that if a squirrel takes something from you,
they leave something in return.

And look...

What polite guests they were!

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit today.
Mr. V and I are wishing you and your family
a beautiful Christmas and Holiday Season.

(Please check back tomorrow as there will be one more treat....
Please wear your most comfy jammies
and bring your favorite friend...)


  1. I'm glad that someone provided a treat for the squirrels because I wasn't going to share with the cheeky buggers!! lol!!! Especially not my buche de noel!! A lovely treat at the holidays and summer tea is a perfect accompaniment.

    Thank you for hostessing dear Betty -- I clink my teacup with yours and say "cheers and Merry Christmas"!!! xo

  2. I am sitting here with a happy full tummy in the Tea Room with you and can't wait to see what is in store for tomorrow!!

    Love to you and V,
    LuLu and Crew!

  3. That lobster and asparagus charlotte is just divine, a perfect Christmas indulgence.

  4. I am a bit floored by that asparagus charlotte - I have to try doing it myself one day soon (a lobster-less, vegetarian version though).
    Happy, happy holidays and Merry Christmas to you!

  5. Sitting in a corner... admiring all the sooooo lovely things you created these last weeks, you are so talented in refined and poetic artwork, I'm dreaming !


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