Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Christmas Fairy Tale...

It is Christmas Eve.
And still,
snow swirls past our windowsill in silky silence.

You’ve not a care in the world, Dear Ones.
In our comfy nest of pillows, Mommy tucks us into bed.

Our little hands hold her most special espresso cups,
filled with rich hot chocolate.
The sweet steam tantalizes our noses and warms our faces.
“Please sip carefully, so as not to spill," reminds Mommy.

What a special treat it is to drink
hot chocolate in bed while Mommy reads to us
this Christmas Eve night!
As we snuggle closer together in the bed
(oh! there is the hot water bottle at your feet, you selfish thing!),
miraculous tales unfold.
There are no surprises,
as we know all the stories by heart.
Our eyes lose their battle with sleep and
we find ourselves boarding that Aeroship of Slumber,
which will rise into The Aether of Dreams.

Our fellow passengers accompany us there...

...the Red Riding Hoods,
Fairy Princesses
Maids in Distress.

But worry not, the prince in never far behind...

....and just when you thought Mommy was done,
she reads more stories of princes and princesses...

(the empty cups are gently taken from our hands,
so as not to wake us...)

Our Mommy is a clever one, she is!
She has lured us to our slumber,
knowing that Santa will only visit while you are sleeping...

...Is it sleighbells you hear?
Is it the prancing of reindeer hoofs on the roof?
The sliding down the chimney of that Wonderful Dear Santa?
The shuffling of his big black boots as he fills your stockings
with all of the treats you like the best?
Go back to sleep, Dear Ones.
All is quiet again as Santa partakes of the yummy snack
you have left for him!
Mommy knew he would be cold,
so she has left a large serving of the hot chocolate for him in the samovar,
where it will stay warm for a while.
She has also left some of those cookies that we helped her to make today.

Happy Christmas to you, my Dear Ones.
"...and to all, a Good Night!"


  1. Dear,dear Betty,

    HOW wonderful is your story and HOW touching:-)*...

    I wish you enchanted,blessed Christmas and heartwarming New 2012Jaar!!!

    Much Love,

  2. I didn't make it to the party last night -- I was helping my son as he worked in the kitchen to make us a ham that he saw on Jamie Oliver.

    Reading this beautiful story made me wistful...of memories of my own childhood and going to bed and Christmas Eve and the building to bursting excitement. It made me think as I stood helping my son to prepare a feast for us of all the Christmas Eve's we helped them to get to sleep before Santa's arrival.

    So lovely Betty.

  3. This brought back lovely memories of my childhood!

    I LOVE all the photos your posted!!!

    Love Love Love to you and V!

  4. So uniquely whimsical ! Love your blog



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