Friday, November 25, 2011

Welcome to Christmas Time!

Have you ever read the story of Snow White and Rose Red? If not, you can read a very nice abridged version here or a more complete version here. I had a set of little story books that came with little yellow records. Before I could read, My Mommy and I would listen to the records as we turned the pages of the little story books (as the story was read, there was a "ping" sound when it was time to turn the pages!) This sweet story was a favorite of My Mommy's, as well as mine. I remember she got this one for me sometime around Christmas, so it always made me think of her at this time of the year. So, in honor of her and her great love of roses and fairy tales, my theme for this Christmas season is "Snow White and Rose Red". You will find red and white roses nearly everywhere in my world between now and Christmas Morning. There will be vintage Christmas items in Mirabella Morello and a new line of silk brooches in The Gossamer Tearoom Shop. And won't you please keep checking back for even more surprises...more roses....more fairy tales...and of course, this being The Tearoom of The Aether, another virtual tea, just in time for Christmas...

Above is my own rendition of this image of Snow White and Rose Red. I started with this beautiful image, painted by Jessie Wilcox Smith in 1911. We had not heard from The dAdA Dolls in such a long time, but when they heard I was working on this project, Rose de Blanc and Blanc de Rose begged to be included. Blanc de Rose transformed herself into Rouge de Rose for the occasion and so they appear here as Snow White and Rose Red.

I look forward to spending Christmas here with you, Dearest Friends of The Tearoom!


  1. Betty, I love the remembrance of your mother and dedicating Christmas to snow white and rose red!!!

    And I remember those yellow records with the books and the "ping". I'd forgotten about those until you posted this and then smiled...what a great memory. I can "feel" the records and the happy times spent reading with my mother too. ♥

  2. I love this beautiful image you have created! How lovely my friend!



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