Thursday, March 17, 2011


Dearest Friends,
It makes me so very happy to know that I have such lovely friends out there in the Aether! Thank you to each and every one of you that takes the time to stop here, wether you leave a comment or not. Of course I love to read your comments, but anytime you would like to come in, quietly have a look around and a cup of tea and leave, that is perfectly OK!

Updating what has been happening in The Tearoom, my tea review from my last post was enjoyed by Lili and Kedra of Opus Oils, they posted a link to it in their news section and Kedra blogged about me on her beautiful and creative blog, Scents of Imagination! She used the very cool picture I have added above in her post about the review, which I re-post here with much gratitude!

Now, when you visit Mirabella Morello, you will be greeted by the cheerful, twinkly sounds of music boxes:

Moonlight Sonata Music Box Works

Braham's Lullaby Music Box Works

Happy Birthday Music Box Works

There has been much to keep me busy in my little vintage shop! I have so many new lovely things to list that I can barely keep up! But I can tell you that the very newest items there are for your creative art projects! I have listed only the first batch of sweet little music boxes! Also, I have just finished some tiny projects that I am using as examples of how to use some vintage shorthand pages and 1950's road maps, now on sale in the shop. They are perfect for your altered art and collage projects!

Jar decorated with paper from vintage shorthand magazines

Card and envelope made using paper from a vintage road atlas

I have so much more coming up...rubber stamps....lovely teacups....sweet cream and sugar sets....more music boxes....

And there are even more projects to come, in case you are worried that The Gossamer Tearoom Shop is being neglected...

But on a sad note, a very dear friend has closed her blogs, due to theft of her artwork. Karma plays a big part in how this blogging/online art world works. My heart is sad for her at the contamination of her sacred art space and for her followers.


  1. Glad to see you are so busy and thriving!! As for your friend closing her blogs because of theft of her artwork,that makes me incredibly sad and dispirited...yes, that someone would take what isn't rightfully theirs to take...but that someone would have to choose this option in order to protect herself.

  2. I always love stepping into your beautiful Gossamer Tearoom. It is always safe with the scent of Earl Grey and a touch of orange blossom in the air. It is warm and relaxing. When I sit here, I love looking at your new additions with you. Everything is perfect here.
    Thank you for creating such a safe corner of our world.


I am so very happy to read your comments!