Friday, March 4, 2011

Can't Tell You Yet...

Dearest Friends,
Just a short note to keep you up to date on what sorts of lovely new things are brewing for The Tearoom:

A new range of my beautiful silk brooches for The Gossamer Tearoom. . .

A secret project...I can only tell you that it involves silk and the delightful participation of two fragrance designers...

A review of a tea that I dreamed about after I drank it...
All coming very, very soon!

And, as always, more and more sweet vintage items at Mirabella Morello!

I hope you will keep checking back for all the new surprises!


  1. I can't wait to see the new pretties in the Tea Room!


  2. You make me so curious,dear Betty:-)))*

    Much Love to you,

  3. Brooches! How exciting! Can't wait to see...

  4. Dear darling Betty, so wonderful to be able to stop here and enjoy your beautiful Blog! I have been so deprived of time lately that I had to miss million of beautiful things. I can not wait to see your new line of brooches!!! I can only imagine how beautiful they will be. You create the most spectacular little things on Earth!:-)


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