Saturday, January 22, 2011

In Which Painting Would You Sit?

Dear Friends of The Tearoom,
The Faery of Creativity must have paid me an extended visit from the Aether in the last few days! I have been inspired to create collages for not one, but two of my very favorite challenge blogs! Above is my submission for the challenge on the Three Muses blog for their excellent challenge "Artist of Choice".

When we lived in Washington, I used to visit The Philips Collection, a museum close to where we lived. The museum has several paintings by Pierre Bonnard. I loved them all and could have sat in front of them for just hours and hours. I have chosen "Le Fenêtre Ouverte, 1921" (The Open Window) as a currently favorite piece. I have wished many times I could sit inside one of the paintings like this one and so here I am! Of course, that is not a picture of me now, but maybe it is me from another time?. Whoever this lady is, she is enjoying a cup of tea, the sunshine, the singing birds, the scent of flowers...

Thank you to the nice ladies at The Three Muses for coming up with such a fun challenge!

And so, I would like to know, in which painting would you like to sit?


  1. What a nice challenge,dearest Betty:-)*
    Realy wonderful!!!

    Such beautiful idea of you,your mind makes mostly creative things,I like it so very much!

    Wish you fantastic weekend,my dear friend,


  2. Wonderful challenge!

    I would want to sit in a painting that had something to do with a carnival and dark things...go figure!!


  3. She has a great view. I would love to join her there for a cup of tea

  4. She does indeed look so comfortable and at peace. What a stunning approach to this lovely challenge!

  5. I love your interpretation and choice of artist Betty, and how nice to place yourself in a room with such a gorgeous view.

    If I could place myself in a painting it would have to be in the Mona Lisa so I could follow her into the land of blog where she seems to have so much fun.

  6. What a beautifully creative interpretation of the challenge. I love it!

  7. Wonderful collage Betty ! The colors are so bright and inviting!

  8. This is just beautiful! Thank you for introducing me to this artist, Betty!

  9. I didn't know of this artist until you introduced him - and I am glad you did! Your picture is stunning and the explanation of his work and the inspiration you have taken from it is most interesting - and enjoyable.

  10. Thank you so very much for stopping by my blog and leaving all the lovely comments. I really like this collage - I like very much what you wrote about getting inside a painting and just sitting or being. What a beautiful concept. Please stop by again and have awonderful new week.

  11. This is a most beautiful addition to our collection of art this week. Thanks for introducing us to this artist, and for joining our challenge this week.

  12. How absolutely gorgeous, Betty! I am so glad I got a minute stopped by because this post inspired me to create something very new.:-))) Well, I would sit in any Degas painting just watching his ballerinas dance and get ready...What a wonderful fanatasy you've created!

  13. Ooh, I love that picture!! and there's even a little black kitty to the right at the bottom! I would jump in that picture if I could! giggle...


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