Thursday, January 27, 2011

Am I The Last?

Hello Again, Dear Friends!
Above is my submission for the weekly challenge from The Three Muses. The topic this week is "Fashion". As I have been visiting my fellow participants in collage challenges, I have thought to myself, "Am I really the last person to have not yet done something with the Mona Lisa in a collage?" I cannot think of another icon of fashion I would love to work with for a collage challenge on fashion!

I gave her just a bit of an update with some rather goth make-up and by straightening her hair. I let her wear the same outfit she has worn since she first put it on in the 16th Century. However, I did add some touches of purple and a black rose! Since she has been living for such a long time inside The Louvre, I chose to place her outside in Paris, on the banks of the Seine, in front of the beautiful, intricate Hôtel de Ville.

And on her head, she wears a beret of sorts. But if you look carefully, you will see there is something a bit unusual about it. I constructed it from an image of a drop of water, which proves that you can make a hat out of anything in the Virtual World!

I do hope that Lisa del Giocondo, the subject of the painting would approve of her make-over!

(I was able to see her from afar, during our visit to The Louvre. Behind the pane of glass which separates her from her adoring fans, hundreds of flashes from cameras lit the room! It struck me how like the paparazzi her visitors to the Louvre were and what a celebrity she remains!

(Original image of the Mona Lisa and image of the painting behind glass from Wikipedia. Image of drop from Flickr. Image of Hôtel de Ville from Harmonica Goldfish. Black rose from Itkupilli.)


  1. I enjoyed your commentary as much as your art! I'm sure Mona would be delighted at her new image, and she'll be expecting another rush by the paparazzi! Thanks for joining our challenge this week!

  2. I'm sure I don't know how Mona gets out of the Louvre every single night when it closes ...... and through that glass too. But she does because I have seen her on so many blogs in one guise or another and now here she is again playing the fashionable Goth. The question I ask is whether Leonardo knew when he painted her how very wayward she was in her ways. Love it.

  3. FANTASTIC, Betty! I love anything Mona!

  4. I am a huge fan of Mona and love seeing your make-over! Love her dark chic lips and beret! How lucky you are to have seen her in person. Someday, I would love to see her too. Hope you have a beautiful weekend!

  5. What a great makeover- Mona looks like an artist herself. Love this lively and fun take on the theme!

  6. I just wanted to let you know I have moved my blog and give you the new address - you have been so kind with visits and comments.
    Carmel Brown and Burnished.
    I had too many blogs and less time to create! This piece of art is wonderful and I love the blue you use both in your art and on your blog.

  7. Hi Betty ~ Thank you for your kind thoughts on my blog...Your Mona is delightful as is your blog...I love her lips and her hat and the wonderful post that goes woth her...great job!!

  8. Thank you so much to everyone for your kind comments!


  9. ... and she's still smiling to them, heheee, merci de ta visite aujourd'hui ! à propos, je ne sais pas si tu as vu le blog nigeArt récemment mais si tu as le temps, asseois-toi 5 minutes pendant que je suis au jardin, et écoute... bisous

  10. I love her Goth makeup!!!

    Well done my friend!



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