Monday, May 31, 2010

Three Years Ago Today. . .

. . . I married my best friend.

Happy Anniversary, Dearest Mr. V!

Thank you for every day of our life together.

I love you.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In Another World and Time. . .

Dearest Friends,
There is a beautiful but horrible, gorgeous but intolerable place, which is now very far away.
A place where José Andres lives.
On the last day we lived in this place, we ate at Café Atlantico, one of his restaurants.
The meal we had was beyond amazing.
These were the desserts we chose:

Pear & Pistachio Cake of pomegranate and poached pears, with pistachio sauce, chopped pistachios and pomegranate reduction

Pineapple-Lime Cake of pineapple mousse topped with pineapple-lime salsa, topped with caramelized Brazil nuts and black pepper, served with a scoop of Mexican sour cream sherbet (Pictures by Dear Mr. V)

Thank you Mr. Andres. You do not know us, but we would like to thank you for our last day of magic in Washington.

Betty & Victor

Monday, May 17, 2010

All Things Sweet (and Some That Are Not). . .

Dearest Friends,
You must forgive me! I have been absent from The Tearoom for so long! But I return with a plethora of sweet treats (and some not so sweet)! By the way, Dear Friends, making a small reference to my previous post, I want you to know that I believe that life is for living. The next time I get to France, I will be trying everything that looks wonderful to me!

Firstly, a few months ago, I added a link to Franck Deville, a patisserie in Saint Priest en Jarez, France. I so wish I could try these macarons!! This brilliant gentleman makes not only sweet but savory macarons!! And in such creative combinations!! Pictured above is his Tomato Basil macaron and below is his chocolate pepper!

Next, there is a new patisserie in Paris (actually they have been open a few months now) called Hugo & Victor (anyone who knows me well will understand my fascination with their name!) Their range of pastry is developed along fairly simple lines.
There are several standard flavors which will always be represented: chocolate, vanilla & caramel. In addition, they are currently also featuring Pineapple, Blood Orange, Kaffir Lime (!!!), Praliné and Litchi. Also for April and May, they are including Pistachio, Tea, Sugar Cane, Passion Fruit and Arabica (coffee) and other flavors will replace them seasonally. Their pastries are displayed in a very elegant way like they are pieces of fine jewelry. In order to have the best chance of drooling over what they have to offer, when on the link I have provided for you, scroll all the way down and click on "carte des creations" to look at the pdf.
Earl Grey Tea Macaron

Next, another fairly new patisserie in Paris is La Patisserie des Reves. Their name means "The Patisserie of Dreams" and dream you will after gazing at some of their beautiful creations. They specialize in new interpretations of classic desserts and their shop has the look of a colorful laboratory!
Tarte à l'orange
(Photo from Food Intellegence)

And finally, I received an e-mail this weekend from the lovely folks at Fauchon, showcasing their Mother's Day options, but I also found a something fun to while away the hours! Christophe Adam, who creates, among other lovely things, the dream-inspiring eclairs at Fauchon has a blog. And not just a blog, a gorgeous, eye-candy of a blog!These are his new baba creations (a baba is traditionally a rum cake, but these are his new versions of them, a new one every two months until November! They make me want to crawl through the computer screen!)

Plougastel Strawberry - April/May
Strawberry/Melon - June/July
Gooseberry/Raspberry - August/September
Pomelo-Orange - October/November

While you amuse yourselves with these enchantments, I will continue to get ready for The Mad Tea Party being hosted by A Fanciful Twist on June 26th!

And. . .Dearest Friends. . .there will be giveaways! I am having not one, but two! I can't tell you what they are yet because it would give away the surprise of the theme of my party, but I PROMISE you will love them!

So, don't forget to come back and visit with me on June 26th!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Because you are my friends . . .

I am about to break my one and only Rule of the Tearoom.

For a moment, I must ask you to follow me outside The Tearoom and into that place we call Reality.

For the times I am absent, I hope you will forgive me.

My Dear Love Mr. V and I left Washington, DC and moved to Maine a few months ago in order to take care of my elderly parents. They are both in failing health, but it has become apparent that my mother has Parkinson's Disease.

And in my efforts to care for her, I have not taken care of myself. Last week, doctors implanted a stent in my heart. I am much, much better now (just tired) and am grateful to the people who devote their lives to helping others.

Here is a belated Mother's Day dedication to my mother.

Please return with me now to the escape of The Tearoom . . .

. . .and thank you for listening.