Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Even More Signs of Spring. . .

One of the most memorable parts of our trip to Paris was looking longingly in all the shop windows as we walked along the streets. There is a reason that the direct translation of "window shopping" in French means literally "licking the windows"!! I was so impressed by the fact that not only desserts were beautifully prepared, but so were the "traiteur" (savory) items. I would look into a window and think I was looking at all desserts, when what I was really looking at was lunch! So much thought, creativity, respect and passion are put into so many aspects of life there and most certainly this applies to the food and its presentation.

And this being The Gossamer Tearoom, where no yummy thing goes un-nibbled, I am so happy and excited everytime I discover something new to share with you! The House of Dalloyau has published their new menu of wonderful spring and summer items and each item just sighs "Spring". . .

Here are some gorgeous, fresh-looking items, all of them paying respect to the freshest foods of the season. . .

Salmon gravlax wrapped in pea pods (gravlax is fresh salmon, which has been marinated in a combination of salt, pepper, sugar, dill and vodka or aquavit)

A gorgeous fresh vegetable basket including petals of tomatoes, asparagus and zucchini and a watercress sauce

And, as to be expected, on to dessert, ranging from classically beautiful to a few surprising new twists. . .

Beautiful fruit tartlettes (simple, elegant, the perfect showcase for beautiful, delicious fresh fruit)

Religieuse de Rêve - This is a Dalloyau signature speciality. Many places make beautiful and delicious religieuses, but only Dalloyau makes "The Dream Religieuse"! New flavors are developed for the seasons (this one is strawberry), but whereas they are usual an individual dessert for one person, Dallayau makes this version which serves six to eight people!!

Insolent Framboise Melba - An extra indulgent version of a macaron! A soft, yet crispy macaron garnished with Madagascar vanilla flavored fondant cream and a compote of red fruits.

Bulle de fraise (strawberry bubble)- A pastry cocktail to be drunk with a straw composed of strawberries, vanilla flavored cream and whipped cream with strawberries under a "to go cup lid" made of crisp Breton shortbread (!)

Mirifique (Wonderous, and they are not kidding when this is what they named it!) - A drinkable, eatable pastry, a delicious temptation in two stages...
The first stage is a dessert cocktail to sip with a straw under a lid of whipped cream and a macaron. The second part is the edible container made of chocolate, flourless chocolate cookie and vanilla cream, to be eaten with a spoon! And they come in so many yummy-sounding combinations (pistachio-cherry, strawberry, raspberry, mango-passionfruit, caramel or apricot!)

My friend Marie-France in Paris tells me that it has rainy and windy in Paris, as it has in many parts of the country here, but that the weather is starting to break and "Now some trees are blossoming, it's an enchantment!"

Thank you, my friend, for your encouragement and reminder that spring is well and truly on its way!!

Happy Easter to everyone!

Big hugs to you all,


Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Spring and a Thank You...

My Dearest Friends,
Thank you so much for your patience between visits. My real life keeps me away from The Tearoom more often than I would like. But we won't speak of it now for I am here to escape and visit with you, my very dear friends.

Spring is creeping closer and closer by the day now! Soon, we will be able to fling open the French doors and have our tea on the lawn again!

Spring makes me so happy and there are just so many reasons...

I love animals and rabbits are some of my favorites! I love to see rabbits everywhere around Easter-Time, even that very silly Cadbury Bunny, who clucks like a chicken! And what better time to re-visit (or introduce yourself for the very first time) to my friend "Harvey"! This beautiful and funny movie was made in 1950 and stars James Stewart. I do highly recommend this film and if we were all together on one of those days when the weather was having a problem deciding to behave or not, I would show it in the Tearoom while we sipped hazelnut hot chocolate from big mugs (a change from tea doesn't hurt anyone, does it?).

I also love all the images of little fluffy chicks and found this lovely one posted on my dear friend Marie-France's freebie image site (Unfortunately, her lovely site is now closed.)

And no matter how dismal the day has been outside the house or inside your heart, spring flowers are just the thing to cheer you up! First the snowdrops and crocus, next the daffodils and hyacinth and tulips (not to forget the sweetest mini iris that used to bloom at the same time up the street from where we lived in Washington).

Also, I just wanted to let you know that I recently had the loveliest surprise! Another dear friend, Anya of Couture Millinery Atelier, has given me a blog award!!! Thank you so, so much Dear Anya! It is such an honor to receive this award from her! Her lovely blog is so fascinating! Please do yourself a favor and visit her often!

(Thank you, Dear Anya, for your patience while I got things under control here before posting your lovely award.)

...more lovely news of spring to come!