Monday, December 6, 2010

The Balloon Vendor...

First in a new series of collages. . .

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday preparations and festivities!


(Images used in this collage by Valentine Grimm & Asunder Ephemera)


  1. Hello,dearest Betty:-)*

    Your balloon vendoor is SO creative and full of magnificent colors!!!

    Wish you a very Christmas mood,my dear friend,

    Much Love to you,

  2. I am in love with this collage! Well done my lovely friend!


  3. What a gorgeous collage.. I'm especially loving the 'eye' balloons. And you have a wonderful blog :)

  4. Simply breathtaking! I love, love, LOVE it!!! Every single balloon. betty, you have so much imagination, I always find your collages so...beatiful, amazing and full of inspiration!Thank you for sharing them with me.:-) It is always a treat!

  5. Hello dear Betty! What a lovely and fun to imagine story you have created for us here! I love the whimsy in your balloons and those are just the kind I would like to buy on a walk one day. Gorgeous imagery!
    Thank you for your kind words lately. They mean so much to me. I am feeling better. Think I just needed to take a couple of days off and rest the soul a bit. May even take another day off tomorrow.
    Hope you are enjoying the season lovely lady!


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