Sunday, December 12, 2010

Another From The Balloon Vendor...

Just having fun with this theme right now. This one is called "The Balloon Vendor Two - Lips and Roses" and I did it for the collage challenge for The Three Muses. The theme this week is flowers.

Please forgive me if I am thinking of spring instead of the holidays.

Happy surprises to be announced and new items in the Etsy shop too...

Thank you so much to Debra of Valentine Grimm and Josie of Charmed Memory Collage for a lot of the images I'm using.


  1. Cool image! I'm dreaming of flowers too, especially since it's snowing here and windy. Can't wait for Spring.

  2. Hello,dear Betty:-)*

    Your challenge is sophestecated and very romantic!!!

    Like those english roses there,dreamly nice...

    cheers,Love to you,

  3. Ooooooooooohhhh...I really like this one! - Kathy

  4. I'm glad you are thinking of flowers and have shared your picture here at the Muses. It's so beautiful and I especially like the cheeky black rose up there in the corner.

  5. This is a fascinating "take" on this week's theme. I love it! It's been such fun to see all the flowers this week, especially in light of the fact I've been on the fringe of the great Midwest blizzard! Fortunately, my part of it was only 4 inches, rowdy winds, and frigid temperatures. The flowers are such a welcome respite! Thank you for participating!

  6. j'aime beaucoup ces petites bulles de plaisir !!


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