Sunday, November 21, 2010

Roses in the Snow...

Dearest Friends of The Tearoom,
I sincerely hope you all are having a fun and happy Holiday Season so far. It is quiet for Mr. and I here in The Tearoom, all the better for us.

However, as much as I enjoy a hot cup of tea from the samovar, I have never been that much of a fan of fall and winter. Now, I know that a great many people list this as their favorite time of the year. I, however, have an overwhelming desire to hibernate until I see the first daffodil bloom!

I assumed that it was with hibernation in mind that, of all things, roses persisted in creeping their way into my mind. But now I see that I am not the only one thinking of roses!

First, both the venerable Houses of Ladurée and Pierre Hermé had roses on their minds when creating their newest macaron creations!

Ladurée's newest flavor is their Rose Gingembre (Rose Ginger). It is a collaboration between the patissier and the designer John Galliano, whose new fragrance "Parlez-moi d'Amour (Speak to Me of Love)" includes the essences of rose and ginger.

Next, from the house of Monsieur Hermé is a special collection called "Show Chaud Noël" (Hot Christmas Show) including these flavors:

Rose (flavored with rose and rose petals)
Arabella (milk chocolate, banana, passionfruit & ginger confit)
Infiniment Caramel (salted butter caramel)
Infiniment chocolat (Venezuela Porcelana single origin chocolate)
Crème Brulée (vanilla & bits of caramel)
Mogador (milk chocolate & passionfruit)

I recently became aware of another patisserie, which will surely make our "must visit" list the next time we visit Paris! How can you not think of a rose garden when visiting the site of Maison Boissier? The beautiful soft colors and the flavors! I dare you to tell me that the list of flavors of their guimauves (it is very nearly an insult to call them "marshmallows") does not make you dream!. . .

fleur d’oranger (orange blossom), abricot (apricot), citron (lemon),
fraise (strawberry), framboise (raspberry),
mandarine (mandarine orange), myrtille (blueberry),
noix de coco (coconut), citron vert (lime),
vanille (vanilla), violette (violet).

Oh, and "Les Pétales", petals of chocolate in these divine flavors...

Parfums aux fruits : citron vert (lime), clémentine, fraise (strawberry),
pétale lait et noir (milk and dark chocolate petals)
Parfums aux fleurs : rose, violette, verveine (lemon verbena), lavande, jasmin
grué noir (dark chocolate nibs), caramel thé (caramel tea),
menthe lait et noir (mint with milk and dark chocolate).

So, until I can relish the warmth of spring as life returns once again to the earth, these roses are here to bring their stored sunshine to us! Before we know it, we will all be exchanging sprigs of lily-of-valley once again on May Day!

(How nice that the DaDa Dolls will keep us company while we wait!)


  1. looks great,my beautiful Friend:-)*
    Chocolate and Laduree makes me crazy...

    Your work full of softness and freshness of Spring:-)))*

    Much Love to you,

  2. Dear Betty, such a beautiful post!:-)))Being from Russia I can not imagine Winter without snow and frost. I love every momnt of it and can not wait for the first snow...I have ordered new, beautiful Samovar and intending to spent my Winter with the cup of hot tea and the garden full of snowflakes!:-)))

  3. I adore winter - and especially when it snows. I love seeing the romance of milky white snow on trees;-)

  4. those chocolates look so good!! And I love the box too!

  5. Dear Betty, I always think of you and your beautiful Blog when I see another Fornasetti vase or plate.:-)I wish I could have all the plates by Fornasetti. i think they are simply amazing!:-)

  6. Hiya Betty!! What a wonderful blog and post! I have to admit I'm not that much of a fan of the weather too during the winter and Autumn season! I much prefer the summer, but the snow is sooo pretty...when you're next to warm fire that is with a nice cup of tea or hot dark cocoa! lol..

    Oh, but that site Maison Boissier is just pure heaven!!! I may have to do a blog post about them too since we have a "Christmas in Paris" Bath Collection! Merci for the link!❤

  7. Ces collages sont adorables ! Très frais et aériens, on a l'impression de s'envoler légèrement, malgré les délicieuses gourmandises sucrées que tu nous fais déguster !! bisous bisous


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