Monday, August 16, 2010

In Paris, Everything Looks Like Dessert

My Dearest Friends,
It is so good to spend time with you again.

I have a couple of small treats for you...

First, my dear friend Marie-France in Paris sent to me (some time ago, malheureusement!) a link to a blog talking about Mr. V's and my favorite Paris tearoom, Thé Cool, including even more yummy photos! It is from the blog Play Like a Girl. Please go there and spend a quiet moment on the rue de Médicis, relaxing after your stroll through the Jardins de Luxembourgh. I can't help but notice that this blogger was enchanted by the same thing I was and took more than one picture of the bathroom sink, which is tiled in pink iridescent glass tiles. I took one look and wished I was small enough to take a swim! What a gorgeous swimming pool it would be! I came back from the the bathroom and told Mr. V, "You have to go to the bathroom!". "No, I don't!" he retorted. "Yes, you do! And don't forget to wash your hands!" He was thinking I had finally lost it completely for treating him like he was four, when I explained that the bathroom sink was not to be missed!!

Next, I have found a way that you may visit Paris yourself, if only for a minute and a half. On the blog Lola Is Beauty, I found a beautiful little film by Susan Hochbaum called "Pastry/Paris". Please take a moment and watch it. It really does capture something quintessential about the city and the French attitudes about the beauty that surrounds them everyday. It seems to me the perfect treat for visitors to our little salons at The Gossamer Tearoom! Oh, and don't forget to have your speakers or headphones on when you watch!


  1. Dear Betty,
    Thank you for the visit to my most beloved city! The cool is on my must do list next trip! It looks amazing! Thanks for the best tip! Oh and Omg LOVE the giant Violet Religieuses!!!!

  2. You are so very welcome, Janet! It is our favorite city too!



  3. Hello,dear Betty!-)*

    What a beautiful links,thank you SO much for share!!!
    I enjoed it realy,realy much:-)))*


  4. Paris! Next on my list ...
    I spent a week in Provence.
    I am still there, in some way. Dreaming.
    That first image of the cafe' is absolutely gorgeous.
    Now to watch that video, merci beaucoup!

  5. Bonjour Betty ! il pleut, il pleut, et il pleut encore ! sun is hidden in hearts, bisous

  6. Fantastic post Betty! Love the film, its beautiful!

    Hope you're doing well my dear xxxx

  7. LOL about the bathroom!!! :D

    Very happy to hear your good news - congratulations!!


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