Sunday, July 18, 2010

An Evening at The Tearoom. . .

My Very Dear Friends,

Won't you please join me on this sultry summer evening
for a treat?

I have made a fruit salad from yellow nectarines, white nectarines, white peaches, black velvet apricots, saturn peaches and plums, just for us!!

And won't you please join me in a glass of iced tea? My favorite tonight is another from Tazo called Om. It is a mix of black and green teas, haunted by essences of peach and cucumber. It is the perfect match with our salad.

For a night when you can bear only the lightest of meals...

As the velvet of night grows deeper, the fireflies are gathering on the lawn behind The Tearoom for their evening dance. . .

If you walk through the French doors, you will find that I have spread blankets on which you may sit. . .

I will leave you with a poem that I wrote several years ago, which I believe is in keeping with the mood of the evening. . .

the nectarine

on this warm and cloudy night,
at 11:37,
i want to give thanks for nectarines.
i was feeling somewhat gloomy
until i remembered him, small, happy thing he was,
waiting for me in the chill of the fridge.
in the dark, i padded into the kitchen in my favorite pair of bare feet.
as i removed him from the white plastic sack, the kitchen was filled with cool, white refridgerator light.
i held him in my hand.
he was cold but his skin was smooth
he glowed burnished yellow and dark orange.
he even blushed dark red on one side where the sun had kissed him.
he submitted himself to my bite.
and his juice, like stored sunshine
dribbled itself down my chin and my throat before i could catch it,
trickling all his sticky coolness,
making me happier than i’d been all day.
what a miracle that such a small thing could make me so happy!
on this warm and cloudy night,
at 11:37,
thank you, little nectarine!


  1. Another beautiful and magical evening in the Gossamer Tearoom! Gorgeous images....makes me want to just float away....


  2. Yes,yes,yes,my dear,dear Friend:-)*

    I wil try you very exquisite salad and delicious tea...
    In my mind I enjoy it realy much!!!


  3. fruit salad with tea by moonlight..what a delicious dream!

  4. What amazing collages, Betty !!!! I love them much, it's a pleasure to have a seat near the garden window and just dream looking at the green poetic view, this ice tea is delicious, I will remember this tasty moment all day long. Thank you so much ! enjoy a good weekend among flowers, hugs from all of us, wooof, maaooow and bisous

  5. Good morning,
    just a little note that I was here.
    I have read your post days ago, but somehow I did not leave a comment, even though I wanted to.
    I hope you are enjoying your summer,
    with wishes for a wonderful weekend,

    I skyped with a friend from DC the other day,
    they had a terrible storm that past weekend,
    Bradley Boulevard was strewn with fallen trees,
    days without power. I hope the weather gods are more benign in your home new home state!


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