Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Etsy Items

Dearest Friends,
Please won't you take a moment to take a look at the new items I have made for the Etsy shop (also called "The Gift Shop" because if I went to a place like The Gossamer Tearoom, I would want to take home souvenirs!)

Some while ago, I started to make tags that I thought would be used as gift tags. I gave some to friends and the first thing they did was use them as bookmarks instead! Clever them! So, they can be used as tags or bookmarks and just maybe you have even more ideas for them! Please let me know if you do! I called them the "Chapeaux des Gateaux" Bookmarks/Tags (that's Cake Hat in French!) because with my handy computer, I stacked desserts, teacups and fruits on top of these ladies heads (and they wear them very gracefully, I might add!). The two pictures above are close ups of these lovely, glittery tags!

I have also been hard at work on another item. It is a note card/gift tag set called "Midnight in Paris". All the images are rubberstamped on black cardstock and then embossed with metallic copper embossing powder, so they shine just like new pennies! There are three cards and four gift tags per set, plus the set comes packaged in a small portfolio with a metallic pen for writing on them (and then using on other correspondence when you have used all of these!). The cards include an eye and the word "Bonjour", a strawberry and the word "Merci" and Cupid asleep in a comfy chair with "Je t'aime" underneath! The gift tags are an art deco hotel sign, a vintage French postage stamp, a bottle of champagne and a teacup with the words "Tea Party" dangling from it. All of the tags are tied with pretty metallic copper twine. A close-up of the Merci card is shown below.

Thank you so much, dear friends, for taking a look at the things I have fun making!



  1. You are creating some very lovely things my friend!

    I purchsed a couple of things from Marie France's shop tonight so I can't wait to get them! She really has some lovely images.

    Off to watch Survivor.

    Love to you and V,

  2. Dear Friend LuLu,
    Thank you so much! You are always an inspiration to me!

    Love to you, the Commander and the Babies of Fur,



  3. Your Majesty,

    I am a new follower of The Gossamer Tearoom! I am just GA-GA over your DIVINE blog:)) Bravo is all I can say, and now I will pop over to your Etsy shop:)) I have a boutique there as well:)

    Royal wishes

  4. Betty, this new additions are simply amazing! I will keep repeating that your fabulous bookmarks are simply the best I have ever seen. So wonderful to see your beautiful creative energy shine!
    Thank you so very much for your kind and wonderful wishes on the opening of my Atelier. :-) I promise to make a post with lots of pictures about it very soon.Wishing you wonderful, sunny and happy weekend!:-)

  5. Aww... beautiful artwork, Betty ! bravo ! il est tard, je tombe de sommeil ! la journée a été très agréable, j'espère que tu vas bien et je t'écrirai très bientôt. Bisous

  6. Dear Betty, I thought I would stop by to wish you wonderful week! It is sunny in new York and I am working on beautiful straw hat in color "sunflower"!:-)))Sending millions of wonderful wishes your way.

  7. that second one is soooo lovely!


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