Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Another Thank You . . .

Dear Friends,
Today, I would like to thank my very dear friend Marie-France from Paris, who has been so lovely as to have given me a blog award!!! Thank you so very, very much! Once again, I am humbled and honored! This dear friend has several wonderful blogs of freebie images and an Etsy shop! I first met her through her blog Marie's Freebies, about which I have blogged before. Then, she started Croquette a Du Bol, with many of beautiful images of cats. Now, she has started Il Etait Une Fois Toi Mon Chien, with many beautiful images of dogs (including the one above)! She is really such a nice lady and I am so lucky to have met her through the blogging world!

(Note: Sadly, she has now closed all of her blogs and I have disabled the links because others have now taken the links to lead to things that were NOT so nice as her blogs were!)

So, my duties are as follows: List 10 things that make me happy, 5 unusual things about myself and name 5 friends to pass to award to. I am still deciding who I will pass it to next, but the following are my answers for the questions:

Ten Things That Make Me Happy
-My dear husband Mr. V!
-Waking up and seeing the sun shining (not always a common occurrence here in New England)
-Greeting the moonbeams creeping in our window at night, courtesy of our friend Mlle. Moon
-Blogging or doing art work in the middle of the night when everyone else is asleep
-Creating digital collages with vintage images
-Wearing my favorite pair of barefeet (which I do most of the time)
-Being completely absorbed by a really fun book
-Listening to music I haven't heard in a while and finding myself transported to a time in the past when I first heard it
-Experiencing food in every way (cooking, eating, reading about, dreaming about)
-Moxie, a soda that is generally only available in the northeast. I had just about given up drinking soda and then I moved back here and I'm hooked again!

Five Unusual Things You Might Not Know About Me
-I am phobic of butterflies! I love the way they look, but if they fly at me, I duck!
-I love thunderstorms!
-My least favorite part of most sandwiches is the bread and I have a habit of disposing of it halfway through the sandwich and only eating what's inside (unless I'm eating tea sandwiches)!
-My taste in music ranges from Sade to Tricky, from The Blue Nile to Bat for Lashes, from Everything But the Girl to Eddie Money, house to 16th Century harpsichord, Scritti Politti to Sting. It's not that I listen to everything, but I have a VERY wide range of musical tastes.
-Everyone knows my favorite color is purple (although I love working with a lot of black in art and design). But my second favorite color is chartreuse green and I use it in collages and photos probably more than you have noticed!

I have decided to build a new "wing" of the Tearoom for the blog awards I have received! If you click on the strawberry in the right hand column, it will lead you to a brand new Gossamer Tearoom page with links to the lovely people who have honored me with awards.

Wishing you all a splendid rest of your day!



  1. Oooooooo, how wonderful!!

    You will have to teach me how to make a separate page that you created for your Blog awards :)

    I love Marie-France's images!

    Happy Tuesday my dear friend,

  2. Bonjour Betty ! eh bien ! maintenant mes joues sont rouges comme des tomates, avec tous les compliments que tu me fais ! merci pour ton amitié, gros bisous

  3. Un bonjour rapide, Betty, merci pour ton message !! je t'écris dès que possible. Hugs et bisous :)

  4. Congratulations on the award and thank you for leaving a comment on my blog!

    For some reason I could not find your blog last time I checked, so it was really wonderful to see your comment today!

    I am writing this while sitting barefoot at my desk, er, dining table (I have a room of my own, a large desk too, but I always migrate to the dining toom table because its southeasterly exposure gives me more sunshine than my room, plus there's a Persian rug underfoot - I am sure you can understand that attraction!).

    I loved to watch thunderstorms, safely tucked in on the porch of my parents' house. From there we had the most wonderful view for miles and miles, to the edge of the woods and the horizon. Star gazing at night was another favorite pastime then.


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