Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Saint Valentine's Day!

Very Dear Blogging Friends,
I would like to wish you a most happy Saint Valentine's Days and invite you to my virtual tea party! Won't you please have a seat? As you can see, The Tearoom is decorated just for the holiday!

Won't you please have a piece of something delicious to celebrate? I have scoured the Houses of Haute Patisserie for lovely things for us for today!

Of course, our very favorites have out-done themselves again! Pierre Hermé has an Ispahan creation for us, in his ever-romantic combination of rose, litchi and raspberry.

Dalloyau has brought us "Petit Chou", which is a large Saint-Honoré decorated with cream Chantilly and raspberries ("petit chou" is a term of endearment in French).

Also, from Dalloyau (for all the chocolate-lovers here with us!), "Mon Macaron d'Amour", a heart-shaped chocolate macaron filled with creme praliné!

And what is waiting for you in the samovar? After all the beautiful teas from everywhere, today I hope you will allow me to serve you my very favorite black tea that I have for everyday, Tazo's Earl Grey.

As for that question I asked you...what person would you bring to this celebration? Of course, my first answer would be the love of my life, My Most Beloved Mr. V! But if you will indulge me, I would also love to invite two ladies that I have always wanted to have tea with! First, I would love to invite Sade. I have been listening to her newest CD "Soldier of Love" non-stop since we received it and would have to say that her music perfectly sums up the mood of the day. My second special guest would be another great lady of British music, Tracey Thorn. For many years, she and her partner Ben Watt created the amazing music of Everything But the Girl. In 2007, she released an amazing solo album "Out of the Woods" and this spring, she will release her next solo album, this time on Ben's label Strange Feeling Records. We cannot wait! Please welcome our two very special guests to the party!


Tracey Thorn

I wish you a very happy rest of your day. May you be spending it with your very dearest ones.

Valentine hugs to you all,



  1. Oh,dear,dear Betty!!!-)*

    Thank you SO much for you very special invitation!-)))

    These is delicious all of them...and beautiful colors and my faiv.Sade,wow!-)))Really wonderful Valentine!-)***

    Much Love and hugs,


  2. My Dear Violetta!
    How very appropriate that the color purple is my favorite Valentine color and that you should be my first guest to the party!

    Sweetest Valentine Wishes to you Dear Friend!



  3. Oh that was just Fantasique!! I am now refreshed from this sweet quiet visit with you to go finish my day! May your day be filled with lots of sweet surprises but mostly with love~

  4. Bonjour Betty,
    Is itokay if I'm a day late? Perhaps your Mr. V and my honey can get to know each other while I'm enjoying a Macaron d'Amour - I love pralines. Sade would be a great guest, I really like her new CD as well.
    Hope your Valentine's was grand!

  5. What a lovely tea party Betty! Thanks so much. I Hope you had a wonderful Valentine Day xxx

  6. Dear Betty, I am a little bit late, but this post is just breathtaking!!! Such a gorgeous tea party...I would love to have you as my guest one day. I hope you had a beautiful Valentine's Day, my darling Betty. I know I did :-))))

  7. Dear Janet,
    I am so happy you were able to come by and visit!

    Dear Mimi,
    Please do bring your sweetie! I am sure V would love to chat about something other than tea!

    Dear Julia,
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for visiting in The Tearoom! I am always so happy to see you!

    Dear Anya,
    There is no such thing as late to any party I give, dear! I am just so happy you could come! And I do hope you brought your puppy Little Moe with you!

    Love to you all!


  8. Hi,dear wonderful Betty!-)***

    I was deep under impression about you little story''t-shurt Mata Hari''!!!-)*Big smile comes on my face...realy!-)* it is almost impossible if I think about it,but I am shure,nothing is an accidence in the life!
    Oh,ya...and I am very intreased to read those book about Mata Hari what do you sad!

    Thank you very,very much for you kind and dear for me comments!-)*

    Many love andhugs,



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