Monday, March 16, 2009

Le Jour de Macaron

This Friday, March 20th is Jour de Macaron (Macaron Day) in Paris! If we were all there, we could be standing in line, waiting for our treats together!

This news came in an e-mail from Pierre Hermé (I’ve translated the list of macaron flavors, so you can begin your drooling quicker!):

In a gourmet retrospective, this assortment of 24 macarons is an opportunity to discover or rediscover the original flavors designed by Pierre Hermé for 10 years.
Within this package, the presence of a red macaron shows support of the House of Pierre Hermé Paris for the Fédération des Maladies Orphelines, an organization which helps break the silence of 4 million people in France living with 8,000 rare and unknown diseases.

Pierre Hermé - Special Box of Macarons for Macaron Day - March 20 -
Chocolat et Foie Gras - macaron biscuit, chocolate ganache, foie gras jelly
Café - coffee macaron biscuit, coffee cream
Éden - macaron biscuit, peach cream with saffron, pieces of soft apricot
Azur - chocolate macaron biscuit, chocolate and yuzu ganache
Pistache - pistachio macaron biscuit, pistachio cream
Menthe Fraîche - mint macaron biscuit, fresh mint cream
Plaisirs Sucrés® (Sweet Pleasures) - macaron biscuit, milk choclate ganache, praline flakes
Inca - macaron biscuit, banana compote, chocolate ganache
Mogador - macaron biscuit, passionfruit and milk chocolate ganache
Rose - rose macaron biscuit, rose petal cream
Lemon - lemon macaron biscuit,lemon cream
Mosaïc - vanilla macaron biscuit, pistachio and cinnamon cream, bits of sour cherry
Huile d’Olive & Vanille - macaron biscuit, olive oil and vanilla bean cream
Chocolat au Lait & Thé Earl Grey - tea macaron biscuit, milk chocolate and Earl Grey Tea cream
Infiniment Vanille - vanilla macaron biscuit, vanilla cream
Arabesque - macaron biscuit, apricot cream and bits of soft apricot, crunchy pistachio praline
Églantine & Marron - macaron biscuit, rosehip cream, chestnut cream with bits of roasted chestnut
Caramel à la Fleur de Sel - caramel macaron biscuit and grains of salt, salted butter caramel cream
Americano Pamplemousse - macaron biscuit, Campari and grapefruit cream, bits of candied grapefruit
Plénitude - chocolate macaron biscuit, caramel/chocolate ganache, salted chocolate chips
Jasmin - (macaron biscuit, cream of jasmine flower and jasmine tea)
Porcelana (chocolate macaron biscuit, ganache of single origin Venezuela Porcelana chocolate)
Ocumare (chocolate macaron biscuit, ganache of single origin Venezuela Ocumare chocolate)
Cassis (macaron biscuit, ganache of black currant and black currant seeds)

Friday, March 13, 2009

A Ride for the Carnival Soiree

Thank you so much to my husband Victor for the photo of the rocket ride, the inspiration and support. And thank you to Lisa for hosting the extra magical Carnival Soiree!

Into the sky we shall go tonight! We shall ride the Teacup Rocket to the Moon! If you will join me, we will climb into the rocket ship, I’ll put my quarter into the slot and away we will go! Hold on tight as the back of the rocket goes all sparkly just like sparklers on the Fourth of July! Here we go!

Oooooh, look at the stars!

Look! The sign showing us which way to visit Mademoiselle Moon!

And look! There she is! See? They forgot to tell us that the surface of the moon is really made of flowers!

As we fly past, we see she has left a treat for us! Thank you, Mademoiselle Moon!

YAY! I have another quarter! Do you want to go again?