Saturday, November 14, 2009

I Think She Must Be Smiling...

Dearest Friends,
Two lovely bits of news from the world of haute patisserie...

The first, shown above is the new color that Ladurée has unveiled for its boxes for autumn. I am not always that much of a pink person, but isn't this just yummy?
This is what they had to say about it:
For the autumn season, Ladurée is cloaking its macaron box in moiré pink, like an haute couture fabric,decorated with a beautiful frieze featuring black interlacing motifs.
And in even more exciting news...
Ladurée chooses to open its first store as part of the Royal Courtyard at the Palace at Versailles.

In this refined place, Ladurée lovers can discover all of the "signature" items such as candles, perfumes, shopping bags, the embroidered pouches, beauty kits, stationery and Beauty fragrance collection Violet, Rose and Almond, without forgetting the essential and indispensable delicacies of Ladurée, macaroons and chocolates sold in their finest boxes.

I would like to think our Beloved Queen is somewhere in the purple aether, smiling...

Image of Marie Antoinette from Kirsi of Itkupilli, remainder of images from Ladurée.


  1. love the pink and black box, and imagine dipping inside, with a feather in my hair :D

  2. So beautiful!! And the macarons??? Ooh la la!!!

  3. Oh my! What sweet and special news you send us...I saw those boxes in person and they ARE so delicious~ They pink is almost a coral pink and have a pearl finish with the black trim! SO FRENCH!!

  4. EeeeeeeeeeeeeeeK!!!!! How did I miss this post?? How lovely! I am now dying for some macarons....yummy!


  5. What a great post this is! Love it!

  6. It is so amazing to me that the first post Iread in your Blog after being away for 3 months is about Laduree! I have been spoiling myself so very much having a pleasure to have Laduree several times a week while in London and Paris. I miss it despite the fact that I have managed to try everything Laduree has to offer.:-)))) I have so much catching uo to do and it includes reading through every single post in your amazing Blog that I missed while away. Wishing you wonderful Thursday.:-)

  7. Bonjour! I have just found your blog via COuture Milinery Atelier. Laduree is so wonderful, the new boxes are pretty, one is on ly table as we speak - I just cannot pass by that store without a 'taste'.

  8. Dear Betty, I am so delighted that you entered my give away. I hope your Christmas season is filled with joy and magic!Wishing you the most beautiful Thursday!


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