Sunday, July 12, 2009

Monsieur Hermé Asks Us To Dance

Today, Dear Friends, I present for your consideration another challenge for your palate. . .

How many of you love sweet and salty flavors together? I love them! There are so many perfect examples of this divine combination, ranging from treats we might have eaten as children to more sophisticated combinations: chocolate-covered pretzels, kettle corn, salted butter caramel, chocolate-covered bacon and crostini covered in brie and fig jam. Heaven!

In his newest challenge to us, Monsieur Hermé asks us to be willing to try this combination again in a new way. The newest dessert to come from The House of Hermé is called "Tango", incorporates a sesame seed crust, a cream made with Reggiano Parmesan raspberry compote and red peppers, fresh raspberries and shards of salty/sweet tuile. He describes it iike this:

"Parmesan seasoned cream balances the tart raspberry and slightly bitter edge of the red pepper. The sesame pastry base brings an extra crispy start. In contrast, the salty-sweet tuile finishes the whole. The sensual rhythm of the Tango perfectly evokes this composition of ever-changing flavors that offer an equal sampling of tastes both fragile and contrasting."

And please check back later today or tomorrow for more News from The Gossamer Tearoom . . .


  1. This looks DIVINE! I love sweet and salty together but the chocolate covered bacon would make me toss my macarons!

    (I am working on a Convo to you right now but I have to keep stopping to let a fur baby out!)


  2. Toss your macarons!!! You are such a hoot, Miss LuLu!!!! I wasn't sure about it myself, but I was given some as a gift and found it to be extra-yummy!



  3. Oh my, what a delicious posting!
    Thank you so much for joining our party - we're delighted to have you!

    Looking forward to visiting you on the big day to see what inspires you most!♥

  4. Thank you for including me! I am so excited!!


  5. No kidding, Parmiggiano Reggiano in sweet pastry! I think I need some chocolate to cope with these news. ;-)

  6. Merisi,
    I definitely don't think this will be everyone's favorite, but I will try almost anything! As for you, I think a nice piece of chocolate is a most sound idea!



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