Friday, April 17, 2009

Tea with a Mermaid Princess

Please meet Anemone-Clotilde, Mermaid Dauphine of the Chateau Fleur de Sel. She lives in a beautiful castle, deep below the sea, off the northern coast of France. She is most pleased to meet you!

On the clearest of nights, if you were to look out from the top of the monestery at Mont St. Michel, you might see some lights faintly glowing in the water and mistake them for the reflection of stars or the light of our dear friend Mademoiselle Moon, but it would be the lights from the Dauphine’s home, shining in the darkest part of the ocean.

When the Dauphine entertains other Royal Mermaid Heads of State, this is the crown she wears. Isn’t it beautiful? Please notice the inside, her favorite color! It takes a great deal of concentration and grace to keep a crown of bubbles on your head!

Have you ever noticed how a crown can look just like a drop of milk, like the ones you might add to your tea? (Thank you Mr. Harold Edgerton for his iconic photograph.)

The Dauphine has made certain that all her favorite tea-time treats were prepared for you! Please have a sip of tea made of the rarest of blooms of sea heliotrope blossoms, lovely little sandwiches of smoked twinkle-fish and of course, a chocolat fleur de sel macaron!

Farewell to the Dauphine! She has been so pleased to have made your acquaintance!

Thank you to Moonfaires World (our wonderful hostess Lisa) and Asunder Ephemera for the images used in creating The Dauphine.


  1. Oh how beautiful Miss Dauphine is! I enojyed my tea and smoked twinkle-fish but have to admit I had more than one chocolat fleur de sel macaron *sheepish look*

    Absolutely Delightful!


  2. Thank you, LuLu! And please have all the macarons you would like!


  3. What an honor to meet the esteemed Dauphine. It was my pleasure to visit your lovely tearoom!

    I invite you to swim by my blog today as well, I'm having a mermonkey giveaway in honor of the mermaid tea party.

    Waxela (wa-shay-la)
    aka SpiritMama

  4. Dauphine is purely magical, so honored to have met her, I'm loving your post and I'm now filled with even more enchantment.

    Hope you are having fun at the party!

    Magic and Joy!

  5. Oh a crown of bubbles I could just imagine it----I can't believe I missed macaron day in March---I am going to have to visit more often as I don't want to miss any more!!!!! Thanks for the tea....pinkies up!!!!!

  6. Thank you so much to everyone who has visited The Tearoom today! What a lovely time we have all had thanks to our wonderful hostess Lisa!


  7. Love your elegant mermaid and creative story to go along with her. Thanks for sharing! Lori


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