Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring, As Definined By Laduree

Spring in Paris is beautiful, made even more so by some of the patisserie houses' spring collections of pastries. In particular, Laduree's two spring and summer flavors are definitely some of the most wonderful things about the warm-weather seasons!

Some excerpts from their press release:

"A Romantic Spring at Ladurée:
Ladurée is celebrating spring with a Château de Versailles theme. A romantic decoration made up of interlaced designs, medallions and flower bouquets with antiquated colours houses the new box of macaroons with various spring flavours and a definite boudoir feel."

"Ladurée is particularly fond of the month of May and pays homage to it each year by creating a limited edition of its famous, irresistibly-flavoured Lilly-of-the-valley macaroons.

. . .Fleeting and traditional at Ladurée, on the occasion of the first of May, this macaroon is filled with a light and creamy white cream,flavoured with a touch of Lilly-of-the-Valley.
- A Creation by Philippe Andrieu -"

"It is with the sun and summer in mind that Pastry Chef Philippe Andrieu devised the new Ladurée macaroon. Its radiant sun-yellow shell encloses an unctuous, Bergamot flavoured cream which is both sweet and bitter. Tangy and sun-drenched, this new flavour macaroon will make the perfect summer treat this year."

The lily-of-the-valley macaron was one of our very favorite flavors, one I describe as a "scentflavor", as they taste just like they smell. Indescribably delicious and unusual.

We so wish we were there to get to try the bergamot flavor! One our favorite teas is Earl Grey and it is the oil of bergamot that is used to give the tea its beautiful perfume-like scent and flavor.


  1. OMG!! Lily of the Valley macaron? That sounds just like Paris! The bergamot flavor would be my favorite too becasue I LOVE Earl Grey Tea! At Chocolat Debauve & Gallais there is an Earl Grey Chocolate. This is my very favorite chocolate in the whole world!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Janet,
    You are so very welcome! The lily of the valley macarons are only available from late in April until the end of May. One of our first days in Paris, I bought one of the ballotins of macarons containing one of each flavor. Of them all (at least 24 flavors), we loved that one the best! And thank you for the information about Chocolat Debauve & Gallais. I found their website and it was very interesting!

  3. These macarons look simply divine! I am having to settle for a chocolate chip walnut cookie and a bit of Vanilla Silk tonight but would rather have one of these macarons!

    Hope you are having a fabulous week :)


  4. Those pastry are adorable and delectable!


  5. I would love to try a lilly of the valley macaroon.

  6. Divine, yes,
    that is what they look!
    I shall have to look for some macarons this afternoon when we go to take a leisurely walk around town and then sit down for coffee!

    I realised only now, when coming in through your profile, that you are writing from Washington, DC, my former hometown. I moved from there to V. three years ago.

    Happy First of May!
    A French friend of mine is always sending me a virtual bouquet of Lilly of the Valley in honor of the First Day of May.


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