Friday, March 13, 2009

A Ride for the Carnival Soiree

Thank you so much to my husband Victor for the photo of the rocket ride, the inspiration and support. And thank you to Lisa for hosting the extra magical Carnival Soiree!

Into the sky we shall go tonight! We shall ride the Teacup Rocket to the Moon! If you will join me, we will climb into the rocket ship, I’ll put my quarter into the slot and away we will go! Hold on tight as the back of the rocket goes all sparkly just like sparklers on the Fourth of July! Here we go!

Oooooh, look at the stars!

Look! The sign showing us which way to visit Mademoiselle Moon!

And look! There she is! See? They forgot to tell us that the surface of the moon is really made of flowers!

As we fly past, we see she has left a treat for us! Thank you, Mademoiselle Moon!

YAY! I have another quarter! Do you want to go again?


  1. What fun. I so enjoyed my rocket trip to the moon. Thank you


  2. That Teacup Rocket ride was so much fun. It's a good thing I made it to the carnival with a pocket full of change. I must go ride again.

  3. How delightfully clever you are!!!

  4. The Teacup Rocket ride was just outstanding! How fun is this? Loved the artwork! Great post! ~Nan

  5. Your post was out of this world!!!!!!!!

  6. Thank you to everyone who took the ride today and all the nice comments!
    Have a wonderful night to all,


  7. Here's another quarter! I think your moon image is just lovely!!
    Perfect for an evening Soiree:)


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