Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happiest of New Years to you and welcome to the Gossamer Tearoom!  On this cold and bright New Years Day, please begin your journey with me. 

There is a salon in my imagination where you are always just in time for high tea, all your favorite books are there for your enjoyment, beautiful and eclectic music plays in the background (everything from 18th Century pieces tinkled out on the harpsichord to music, dark and brooding, as if Heathcliffe has returned as a trip-hop star.)  Sometimes, black and white shorts will flicker before your eyes as the raspberry/rose pastry cream from your religieuse sticks to the end of your nose in a pink dot!  On cold days, the fire crackles in the large fireplace and on warm days, the French windows will be open to the moor.

Please join me here often...

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