Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A Night in The Dragonfly Heart Hotel...

Hello to you Dear Friends,
I have been in the middle of several projects since I posted here last.  While we finish up with the last details of the first Teeny Tea, here is something just a bit different...

I gather my inspiration for my art from lots of different places.  One of the biggest places I draw my inspiration from are my dreams!  Oh boy, do I dream big some nights!  Amazing things happen to me in my dreams, things that could not ever really happen in real life.

I have had many dreams about some sort of retro/noir/futuristic/rococco urban landscape.  These collages are inspired by some of my dreams!

(As usual, please click on the images to see them larger.)

A crackle of neon
on the top of The Dragonfly Heart Hotel
lights up the night.

I won't resist the urge to stay up all night,
watching the city below,
from one of these windows...

Another guest arrives...

This room is a romantic confection...

...and this one as well.

What mysterious, clandestine situations
could we find ourselves in here?

Time spent at The Dragonfly Heart Hotel
will not be soon forgotten.

(Images used in my collages today from the following sources:

as well as several images from the public domain)

Be certain to check back again soon.
The time for the first Teeny Tea is nearly here!


  1. I would stay at The Dragonfly Heart Hotel! Such beautiful rooms! They look so grandiose that I don't think I could even go to bed. I would spend the night drinking tea and eating scones and gazing out the windows at the beauties of the night.

    1. Thank you, Bill!! That sounds like a very good plan!!!


  2. How long does it take to get there. I would very much like to stay for​ up to a month. Can my Piglet come?

    1. Hello to you, Dearest R!
      For me, it was as easy as closing my eyes, but your travel time may vary! You would be welcome to stay for as long as you wished and of course, your Dear Piglet would be more than welcome too! So glad you liked this! I was hoping it would appeal to the noir fan!
      Sending biggest hugs, as always,


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