Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A Night in The Dragonfly Heart Hotel...

Hello to you Dear Friends,
I have been in the middle of several projects since I posted here last.  While we finish up with the last details of the first Teeny Tea, here is something just a bit different...

I gather my inspiration for my art from lots of different places.  One of the biggest places I draw my inspiration from are my dreams!  Oh boy, do I dream big some nights!  Amazing things happen to me in my dreams, things that could not ever really happen in real life.

I have had many dreams about some sort of retro/noir/futuristic/rococco urban landscape.  These collages are inspired by some of my dreams!

(As usual, please click on the images to see them larger.)

A crackle of neon
on the top of The Dragonfly Heart Hotel
lights up the night.

I won't resist the urge to stay up all night,
watching the city below,
from one of these windows...

Another guest arrives...

This room is a romantic confection...

...and this one as well.

What mysterious, clandestine situations
could we find ourselves in here?

Time spent at The Dragonfly Heart Hotel
will not be soon forgotten.

(Images used in my collages today from the following sources:

as well as several images from the public domain)

Be certain to check back again soon.
The time for the first Teeny Tea is nearly here!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Ready For a Fight

Hello Dear Friends,
Today is International Women's Day and even though I haven't really been inspired to work on much artwork lately, I decided that today was a good day to try to make something.

I cannot possibly tell you how much I hate speaking about politics here, but the current state of what is calling itself our government will have to be rebelled against in a variety of ways.  Some of the folks I know are very vocal.  Some folks like myself will be the quieter fighters.  And just like the rest of life, it just might be the quiet ones you will have to watch out for.

The evil person who, for the time being, calls himself our president is a friend of no one.  He is obviously against anyone who is not like himself and is clearly against women, children, the poor, people who struggle to just be accepted for who they are, who should not have to struggle with their gender or their gender identity or their sexuality, their ethnic background, the ill and disabled and so many other folks who struggle with just living and being OK.

The father of our country should be just that.  He is allowed to not agree with all of us and our agendas, but he is not allowed to harm us.

I believe that art will be taking a lot of interesting directions in vocal protest of our currently very frightening state of affairs.  And this could be just the first piece I will do that will speak to my objection to the evil people who clearly lack empathy and basic human decency, who are currently in charge of our country.

(For my collage today, I used images from Tumble Fish Studios and itKuPiLLi on Mischief Circus.)

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Thursday is The Doe Princess...

Hello Dear Friends of The Tearoom,
I hope your New Year is splendid so far!  As usual, I have so many projects going, but this was the first one I wanted to finish for the year.

Some Friends of The Gossamer Tearoom already know that my doll Thursday came to live with me sometime in the late 1970's, when I bought her in pieces, in a shoebox, at a flea market where I lived in Casper, Wyoming, but I am happy to tell her story again today.  At the point I found her, I was not able to figure out how to put her together and so, she was stored away for many years and it was not until the spring of 2011 that I found her again in my mother's basement after we moved here to Maine, when I was looking for a project to work on.  I needed a project to distract myself from the things going on around me and finally concentrated on how I would put this doll back together that I had owned for so many years.  After doing some research online, I found some elastic in the sewing materials my mother had had and was able to re-assemble her!  She still has no hair, her head is cracked and still has some slight damage to her face that she had when I bought her, but to my eyes, she is beautiful.

I have spent a few years now making dresses and outfits for her from scratch, using no patterns, but mostly using repurposed clothes that belonged to my mother and myself and some fabrics that my mother had stashed away.  She truly is the super-model of my Doll & Animal Family!

But I have felt that she has been asking for one particular outfit all this time that I had not gotten around to making for her, a deer costume.  I have no idea why this is what she has wanted, but it was an idea I have had since she was reassembled almost 6 years ago now.

Finally, I sat down and created this outfit she has asked for from a pair of brown velvet jeans I found in my mother's closet that will never fit me (and honestly, didn't fit her, so I have no idea why she had them).  I ordered some Tim Holtz fabric from an Etsy seller to use for the ears on her hat and for the blouse under the jacket, but everything else I used was something I had stashed away.  I made her crown from a faux branch of pussy willow I had.  She has a couple of different kinds of vintage buttons at the closure of her jacket, on her cuffs and on her booties

And so, finally, my Thursday is The Doe Princess...

 (As always, please click the images in order to see them larger.)

Holding a sprig of violets.

Taking a short nap.

Here she is with Eggsy!

Mr. Mookie, Teddy, Eggsy, Brownie McNutt & Thursday,
all happy members of my Doll & Animal Family!

Brownie McNutt gives Eggsy a hug!

Thank you so much for visiting The Gossamer Tearoom today!

(I had fun editing all of my photos for this blog post today with Afterlight on my iPhone.)