Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve Movie Night...

Hello and Wishing a Merry Christmas Eve to All Dear Friends of The Tearoom,

I usually plan some sort of extravaganza here on the blog for Christmas, but this year's festivities are quieter and closer to home.

The Doll and Animal Family has wanted to have a movie a night downstairs and so the night that was planned for it was Christmas Eve!  But what movie to watch?  They finally all agreed they wanted to see "The Boxtrolls"!  I knew they would want some popcorn as a treat, so I designed some tiny treat boxes to use, which I also decided to sell in my Etsy shop Velvet Revived.  I had fun making several designs.  Click here to see them!

Here they are, all settled in, waiting for the lights to dim and the movie to begin!

They are just getting settled in now!
Of course you will recognize Thursday, 
Baby Hoobert, Mr. Bear, Hyacinthe, 
Teddy, Brownie McNutt, 
and Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle.  
We welcome with hugs and kisses
the newest member of the family,
Eggsy the Dog, sitting right in front!
Everyone is very excited for the movie to begin!

Now the lights are off and the room is lit
only by the candles in the windows,
the Christmas tree light and,
of course, the light from the TV!

Here are Parsnip, Mr. Mookie & Teddy!

Teddy is excited about the movie, but really,
he's here for the popcorn!

Here are Baby Hoobert, Hyacinthe,
Brownie McNutt and Thursday!!
(Hyacinthe rests her head on Baby Hoobert,
who is distracted, as babies sometimes are.)

And here are Brownie, Thursday, Mr. Bear,
Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle and Eggsy!
They have been looking forward to this
movie and popcorn treat for a while now!

Eggsy is looking forward to trying popcorn for
the first time.  We are happy to welcome him
to our little happy family!!

(If you look carefully, you can just see
Mr. Bear's furry head in the lower-right corner.)

Fish, the Boxtroll!

The Doll and Animal Family had such a fun time
watching movies tonight and eating popcorn!!!

We all hope that your Christmas Eve has been
just as nice!

For more Christmas Eve fun, please take a peek at Christmases past here at The Tearoom by clicking on the links below the pictures!

Mr. V & I, Victorienne and all of
The Doll & Animal Family 
wish A Happy Christmas to All
and To All a Good Night!


  1. That gave me a big smile! I wish I could have been there for movie night! The dolls look so happy with their popcorn. Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures! :-)

    1. All of the Members of The Doll and Animal Family want to thank their Dear Friend Bill for visiting and sharing with them their pictures from their extra-fun movie night!!!


  2. Oh my. I was sure I left a comment here. What a conundrum! :-)

    1. And I was sure I had already approved it, but apparently, this was not the case! So sorry, Bill! As always, I do so appreciate your comments!

      Wishing you a Most Wonderful 2017 ahead!



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