Sunday, September 11, 2016

What's New (and New Again) in My Etsy Shops...

Hello Dear Friends!
I hope your summer was a good one!  As usual, it was way too short and soon, I will be hibernating back in my nest of an easy chair until springtime once again.  

We've spent as much time as possible here on our lovely front porch! I have so much fun every year taking care of the hummingbirds who come here to feed on the nectar I make for them and growing bright pansies, nasturtiums and morning glories, which make our days sitting here even happier!  This is a hard time of the year for me because I know we only have a few days or weeks left of them and I'm sad to see them go!

I love that I get to sit on my porch and work on my collage sheet shop Velvet Revived!  Isn't the Internet a wonderful thing?

I had been thinking for a long time that my digital tea sets here in my shop were missing something. And then it hit me! There needed to be tea treats!  So, I developed this collage sheet of Tea Cup Cakes!  

This sheet includes 4 festively decorated cakes, including one with a candle in case someone is having a birthday and a plate of beautiful fresh fruit as well!  My new Tea Cup Cakes are the perfect addition to any of my digital tea sets. Typical of my style, the Tea Cup Cakes do not match any of the tea sets, but instead they coordinate nicely, in my favorite lovely mismatched way!

Here are some examples of some of my tea set collage sheet images with the tea cup cakes:

Mad Tea Party with Tea Cup Cakes

French Tea Set with Tea Cup Cakes

Floral Tea Set with Tea Cup Cakes

Also new in my shop is the first of a planned-for line of mini printable coloring books!  I love coloring and it just seemed right that there should be coloring books in my shop for folk like me who love to color or to making into DIY party favors!

Hoping to have a couple more done soon, probably a Tea in Paris design and an Alice in Wonderland one too.

Also, I recently had a customer ask if I was ever going to open my Gossamer Tearoom shop again on Etsy, so she could buy one of my Anatomical Heart Brooches.  So, for now, it is open once again, but only with the red and black anatomical heart brooches available at the current time.  I'm still deciding about the future of all of my shops on Etsy, but I have had enough interest on Pinterest to think I should offer at least these two items again.

(The last time I made one of the black hearts was to sew into the chest of this little creature, Mr. Mookie.  You can read about his re-birth here.  About two weeks later, I too had to have my own heart put back together by Dr. Robaczewski.  That was 13 months ago this week.  I'm grateful to be here and still chatting with all of my Dear Friends of The Tearoom!)

As always, thank you for your visit and please
keep watch for all of my newest projects!


  1. Can't wait until you do your Paris Tea Time coloring book!!! I will order one. Probably your Alice book, too. :-)

    1. Thanks Bill! That's encouraging!!! I will start work on them soon! I'm always happy to read your comments!!


  2. P S

    Our trumpet vine that attracts the hummingbirds hardly bloomed this year. It is the first time. It may be because it was so hot and dry this summer. I really missed the little hummers! Like you, I hate that winter is approaching. It can be beautiful, but way too cold and long!

    1. I'm sorry your trumpet vine didn't bloom this year and so you missed having the hummingbirds come and visit. I am never looking forward to winter, but we will get through it by immersing ourselves in the magic of our art, right?


  3. Oh ! tu as créé tellement de jolies choses ces dernières semaines ! je me sens honteuse de n'avoir pas fait de visite au tearoom depuis quelque temps ! C'est adorable ! je suis heureuse de voir aussi que Victorienne continue sa vie de bonheur auprès de toi. Toutes tes créations sont un enchantement pour le coeur et les yeux ! Merci de nous faire partager ces délicieux moments, tu es géniale !!


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