Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve Movie Night...

Hello and Wishing a Merry Christmas Eve to All Dear Friends of The Tearoom,

I usually plan some sort of extravaganza here on the blog for Christmas, but this year's festivities are quieter and closer to home.

The Doll and Animal Family has wanted to have a movie a night downstairs and so the night that was planned for it was Christmas Eve!  But what movie to watch?  They finally all agreed they wanted to see "The Boxtrolls"!  I knew they would want some popcorn as a treat, so I designed some tiny treat boxes to use, which I also decided to sell in my Etsy shop Velvet Revived.  I had fun making several designs.  Click here to see them!

Here they are, all settled in, waiting for the lights to dim and the movie to begin!

They are just getting settled in now!
Of course you will recognize Thursday, 
Baby Hoobert, Mr. Bear, Hyacinthe, 
Teddy, Brownie McNutt, 
and Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle.  
We welcome with hugs and kisses
the newest member of the family,
Eggsy the Dog, sitting right in front!
Everyone is very excited for the movie to begin!

Now the lights are off and the room is lit
only by the candles in the windows,
the Christmas tree light and,
of course, the light from the TV!

Here are Parsnip, Mr. Mookie & Teddy!

Teddy is excited about the movie, but really,
he's here for the popcorn!

Here are Baby Hoobert, Hyacinthe,
Brownie McNutt and Thursday!!
(Hyacinthe rests her head on Baby Hoobert,
who is distracted, as babies sometimes are.)

And here are Brownie, Thursday, Mr. Bear,
Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle and Eggsy!
They have been looking forward to this
movie and popcorn treat for a while now!

Eggsy is looking forward to trying popcorn for
the first time.  We are happy to welcome him
to our little happy family!!

(If you look carefully, you can just see
Mr. Bear's furry head in the lower-right corner.)

Fish, the Boxtroll!

The Doll and Animal Family had such a fun time
watching movies tonight and eating popcorn!!!

We all hope that your Christmas Eve has been
just as nice!

For more Christmas Eve fun, please take a peek at Christmases past here at The Tearoom by clicking on the links below the pictures!

Mr. V & I, Victorienne and all of
The Doll & Animal Family 
wish A Happy Christmas to All
and To All a Good Night!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Symbolism of Our Tree...

Hello Dear Friends!
We hope that your holiday plans are going well, whatever they may be.  Our Christmas traditions tend to be quiet ones and ones we have developed on our own, revolving around our memories of wonderful times in our past.  Our Christmas tree reflects much of the first few years of Victor's and my life together.

All of the ornaments, except for two, were handmade by me with paper, glue, rubber stamps, ink, Stickles, ribbons and glitter twine.  They were made for the 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 Christmas seasons.

This is the star that I use for the top of the tree.  It's an ornament that I altered with a picture of Marie Antoinette and a piece of ribbon.  It represents our first day in Paris, when we went to see an exhibit of paintings and personal items that were owned by Marie Antoinette at the Grand Palais.

This little fan is one that I made to be a replica of the fans that I made for the guests at our wedding. The week we were married ended up being 10 degrees hotter than had originally predicted and so I thought I should make something to help guests feel a bit cooler.

The star in the upper left is one I made from paper and was the original star for the tree when I bought the tree many years before.  The ornament at the top is made from a stamp for that first Christmas that Victor lived in Washington.  The Eiffel Tower on the upper right obviously symbolizes Paris and I decorated it with Stickles to show how it looks at night.  The ornament at the bottom right symbolizes desserts, the ones we had at our tea party wedding reception, as well as the ones we got from jewel-box patisseries in Paris.  The ornament at the bottom left is the final scene from the movie "Amelie", our favorite movie.  We were married during the full moon and the ornament in the middle is my interpretation of it.

Here are more desserts and tea cup, decorated with inks and Stickles.  The lady with the festive hat is from my Chapeaux de Gateaux project, also decorated with Black Diamond Stickles (which has twinkles of purple, green and orange in it.  See the enlarged photos below.)  Ornament on right is an image of the brooch that I wore on my wedding dress.

The ornament on the top left was made using rubber stamps and the stamp with the birds was the one we used on the menus and the CDs of music I made for the wedding.  The ornament on the top right includes a picture that was taken of us in front of the huge mirror in the hallway of The Woodrow Wilson House, just before we were married in the garden there.  The ornament in the lower left includes another image from the movie "Amelie".

The flowers on the ornament on the left were the ones that we used on the wedding invitations and wedding programs we made.  The ornament on the right contains an envelope from one of the kinds of tea that we served at the wedding, covered in the same ribbon that I used to tie my bridal bouquet.

The stamp used on this ornament is the one I used on the envelopes of the music CDs we gave as favors at the wedding.

The same year we were married (in 2007), there was a Joseph Cornell exhibit at The National Portrait Gallery in Washington.  We attended the exhibit and I copied this quote of his from one of the collages.

The first Christmas we were married, the White House ornament from The White House Historical Association for that year was this one.  It depicts another Washington wedding on a warm summer evening, the only time a President was married there.  This was the wedding of Grover Cleveland and Frances Folsom, on June 2, 1886.  It is another interesting coincidence that Grover Cleveland is an ancestor of mine and Frances Folsom is an ancestor of my brother-in-law Mike.

This picture and the two that follow are ones that I took one morning recently, with the sunlight making everything on the tree twinkle.

And the final two photos are ones I took today, just as we were losing the light on this cold and snowy day, the week before Christmas.

The tree is lit with red, amber and purple lights, a set I bought many years ago at a shop in Union Station in Washington.

I'm hoping that your Christmas holiday is as filled with light and wonderful memories as ours is.

Please check back here soon, as the next post will be about a very special Christmas Eve treat for the members of the Doll and Animal Family!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

A New Adventure for Victorienne...

Hello to All Dear Friends of The Tearoom (old and new)!

Everyone who knows my paperdoll daughter Victorienne knows how much she loves adventure!  So, I was very excited when I found a competition (only a few days ago) on Instagram at the Make Art That Sells site!  The two winners of their "Sugar Plum Fairy's Adventure" Competition will get to take their online class "Illustrating Children's Books" for free!  How exciting it would be to win, right?

So, here is my submission for this competition:

(As always, please click on the image to see it larger.)

Little Victorienne is really such an adventuresome little girl!  

Here is an image from this summer's Mad Tea Party blog party at A Fanciful Twist:

And here is an image I did from the Mad Tea Party Blog Party last year:

I'm still working on my book about her and hope it will be just as fun as some of her other adventures have been!  Here are a couple of small samples while I keep working on it:

I'm always working on new projects of all kinds, so thanks for keeping watch here on what I have planned next!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

What's New In The Tearoom...

Hello Dear Friends,
After having finished drawings for everyday in October for Mab Graves' Drawlloween Club Challenge, I decided to celebrate by ordering some very cool stickers from her Etsy shop!  Her assistant Darcy sent them along very quickly and efficiently and when they arrived, Dear Mr. V took some pictures of them!

I'm not sure what I will be using these great
stickers for, but I'll hold onto them for use
with a special project.

One of my recent projects was making a warm
winter outfit for little Hyacinthe, the newest
member of The Doll & Animal Family!

We were able to see the whole outfit when
we caught her napping and snapped a picture!

And here she is after waking!

I had so much fun doing my hand-sewing once
again!  I might start on another project like
it right away!  Her dear sister Thursday
has told me for so long that she would like
a deer costume!

(Thank you once again, Liz!)

As always, please keep checking back for
updates on what I am working on next...

Monday, October 31, 2016

Drawing and Inspiration (Part 5)

Hello Again, Dear Friends and Happy Halloween!

Well, I did it!  I was able to do a drawing for everyday this month for Mab Graves' Drawlloween Club Drawing Challenge!

Here's still more of my inspiration of the season!

The Adorable Baby June and Mr. Peeps

For more fun, please check out this link to Making Fiends!
Be sure and click the link to the Web Series and watch as Vendetta makes Fiends
and Charlotte makes friends!

Here's a vintage Disney cartoon to have fun watching:

And now, my final drawings for Drawlloween!

(As always, click images to see them larger.)

As always, you can check out my Instagram feed for what I wrote about each drawing.

Thank you to everyone who liked and made comments on my drawings this month!!
It was most appreciated!

If you'd like to catch up on all the weeks,
Simply click here:

Wishing all a Happy Halloween Night!