Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Year Which Leaves Us & The Year Soon Arriving...

Dearest Friends of The Tearoom,

We wish one and all a Very Happy New Year!  

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

There Really Is No Place Like Home...

Dear Friends of The Tearoom,
Welcome and Merry Christmas to you all!  We are so happy to have you here with us on this lovely Christmas Eve!  We are still so enjoying our world here in The Tearoom after an extended time away during the Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays.  And no one is enjoying their time at home more than our Little Victorienne!  Here she is, posing in her lovely red damask Christmas dress, getting ready for some of our holiday festivities!

There is a lovely warm fire burning in the fireplace...

Little Victorienne asked if we could have a 
whole forest of Christmas trees instead of just one.
Of course!
What a lovely idea!
And she is so helpful when it comes to the decorating!

And here she is, wandering around amongst
the twinkling lights!
But then we hear the doorbell!
Victorienne, I do believe your guests have arrived!

Her new friend Cerfie Blanc is back and this time,
he has brought with him his
friend Monsieur Mignon!
They are enchanted by all of the lovely
Christmas decorations!

Here, Victorienne and her friends are enjoying
big mugs of hot cocoa!
There is plenty left in the samovar and they
would love if you would enjoy a cup
with them!

After Cerfie Blanc and Monsieur Mignon have
 left for the evening and Victorienne snuggles
into her warm bed, trying to go to sleep,
knowing that Santa will only visit once she
is asleep!

We all wish you a lovely Christmas Eve and
Christmas Day!

And we hope Santa brings you all that you wish for!

(Images from iKuPiLLi Imagenarium on
Mischief Circus, The Graphics Fairy and
my own personal collection)

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Our Return to The Land of The Tearoom...

Dearest Friends,
I hope you will excuse our recent absence from The Tearoom.  Real Life called us away and we spent several weeks in Colorado visiting the family of Mr. V and our friends there.  But we have now returned and holiday preparations are in full swing!  And yours?

Today, we make a triumphant return by participating in the collage challenge at Collage Obsession!  The ladies there have given us the prompt of "Black Dress" this week.  And since Victorienne is so glad to be back in her home, having tea in front of the fire, wandering the dusty old attic looking for things to make presents and decorations from, helping us to make treats and decorate The Tearoom for guests, such as yourselves, it is only fitting that she should be allowed her other favorite indulgence, dressing up, and be featured in today's collage!

And here she is, dressed in black damask, with a very festive black rose headpiece!  She is posing with her new friend Cerfie Blanc, the white dear she found wandering in the garden of The Tearoom and invited inside!  Who would have thought deer liked tea so much!  It makes him prance all over the room and we must be careful he does not wreck the carefully-placed Christmas decorations before everyone else has had a chance to be invited in to see them. (By the way, keep checking back for your invitation to our Christmas festivities!)