Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Small Exercise in Minimalism...

This is my collage for the challenge at Sunday Postcard Art today.  The prompt was "Still Life". Thank you to the folks at Sunday Postcard Art for featuring my collage from last week "The Hotel Unusual" as one of the samples of work for the prompt last week! 

In January, I made a collage for The Three Muses, also based on the topic of still life.  I'm including it today, as I designed this second still life to match the first and I think they look pretty fun together!

The images I used in my collage today are as follows: background from Shadowhouse Creations, tulips and yellow moth from Rijks Studio from Rijksmuseum, cherries and French postcard from my personal collection.

A note about the Rijks Studio from Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam:  Did you know that this museum has made 150,000 of their works of art into open source images that artists can pretty much use for whatever they wish?  You can register on the site and make your own collection for your projects.  Also, the museum holds a contest every year, asking people to enter their submissions using these open source images.  I entered this year and this was what I submitted:

This is my five-panel design, made of images from 26 works of art from the Rijksmuseum open source collection.  I printed one out, assembled it and sent it to my mother-in-law for her birthday.  She loved it, so, perhaps later this year, I might have this produced for sale in The Gossamer Tearoom shop on Etsy.


  1. Oh, fabulous postcard! Wonderfully unique still life with lots of impact. They're a great pair.

  2. Wow your collages are beautiful!

  3. wonderful pieces, betty! i LOVE this tulip, but the other elements as well. your birthday creation is a hoot!! of couse it was loved!
    thanks for the hint with the rijksmuseum. i´ll have to check that out!

  4. I adore the background on these and how everything seems to float in space very lovely.

  5. Both of your collages are beautiful! Your cutout design is fantastic, too. Our hyacinths are blooming, and hopefully we'll have some tulips soon, too. Of course, it snowed last night. I sure hope it doesn't hurt the flowers!

  6. Thank you to everyone who came and commented on my collages this week! I have fun doing them!



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