Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Rainy Tuesday with Tea and Networking...

Hello to you, Dear Friends!
Here at The Tearoom, it is a quiet, rainy afternoon.  I sit here, sipping my Breakfast in Paris Tea by Stash (yummy flavors of bergamot, lavender and vanilla), enjoying the sound of rain on the windows of The Tearoom, knowing it takes away the last of the snow and brings green to the lawns!  Spring may finally be here!

And today, being Tuesday, is our day to visit with our Dear Friend Colleen at her blog Butterfly in the Attic!  Tuesday is the day that she brings to us another of her wonderful networking opportunities when she hosts her "Wait A Minute Mister Postman" Postcard Party!!  Everyone who is a Friend of The Tearoom knows how much I love vintage postcards, so this is one of my favorite days of the week!  About a year ago, she very kindly invited me to join her Pacific Postcards Team on Etsy and I am so very glad I did!  Colleen is such a nice lady and she's always coming up with new ways we can network to get more sales in our shops!

This week, she has featured my Spring Wishes and Apple Blossoms collage sheet.
available now in Velvet Revived

So, this week, the sheets I have selected to post at the Linky Party today are some that can be used for your last minute Easter cards or decorations!  Remember, all of my sheets are instant download, so there is no waiting to receive them!  You begin creating right away!

If you love vintage postcards or if you sell them, won't you please come pay a visit to Butterfly in the Attic today?


  1. I`m amazed by your beautiful art collages!
    I`m now following you so I won`t miss your posts! <3

  2. Those are lovely! Such pretty pastels.

  3. Dear Debbie,
    Welcome! Thank you so much for the compliment! I'm so glad you have found me here at The Tearoom!

    Dear Rachel,
    How happy I am to see you here once again! I hope spring is coming along well in your world!!! I can't wait to see more of your dolls!

    Dear Joyti,
    I am always happy to see that you have peeked in for a visit! I will be coming around your way to see what you have been up to as well!

    Thank you, as always, to all Dear Friends of The Tearoom for stopping by and saying "Hello!".



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