Saturday, March 8, 2014

More Sweets for The Sweet...

All of the talk of sweets yesterday has made me decide that today is a very good day to show you something new I have made for The Gossamer Tearoom Etsy shop!

I own a large collection of rubber stamps.  The one of this molded dessert is only one of them.  Of course there is nothing too fancy about that most famous molded dessert that begins with the letter "J".  But a Blancmange, now that's something else!  Although it started out as a food to serve to invalids, I'm having a lot more fun than that with it here!  I enjoyed coloring the little desserts with different pigment and metallic stamping inks and cotton swabs (one of my favorite artists tools)!  This print includes typical flavors for desserts of this type and ones that are more... improbable.  It's part of my new line of hand-stamped prints I'm doing.

And here's another:

"An idea, like a ghost, must be spoken to a little before it will explain itself." I just love this quote from Charles Dickens!  I find it inspirational, yet mysterious as well!  So, this is the second in a series of hand-stamped quote prints I am making available for sale in The Gossamer Tearoom Shop on Etsy.    Keep watching for more!  I'm having fun making them!

And, by the way, what are your favorite quotes?  Would you like to see them done in this hand-stamped format?  Don't hesitate to let me know!  I love doing custom orders!

Be sure and stop by my friend Colleen's blog Butterfly in the Attic because today is Networking Saturday!!  Have fun and find new ways to promote your blog and shops there too!

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