Friday, May 10, 2013

Something Too Cute This Way Comes...

New in Velvet Revived today... newest, instantly-downloadable digital collage sheet, the Little Darling Buttons Card sheet!

I love finding little bits and bobs of vintage ephemera on Etsy and bringing it back to life!  This is the most adorable button card I have ever seen, probably made in the 1920's or 30's!  When I bought it, there were two precious little mother-of-pearl buttons left on it, just hanging by a worn old thread.  I captured them, tied them together so they won't miss each other and put them in my cherished collection of vintage mother-of-pearl and glass buttons!!  Then, the card, as cute as it was, was in sad shape and in need of some love from Photoshop!  So, on the trusty scanner it went,  and with a bit of tweaking, became a sheet of eight different-colored versions, with only enough of the age and wear digitally removed so she is perfectly charming again!  How many of your fun projects could you use her in?

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