Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Oh Hoooray!!!! It's That Time Again.....

Dearest Dear Friends!
It is here, the invitation we wait for all year! 
The invitation to 
the Delightful Miss Vanessa's Annual Mad Tea Party 
at her blog, A Fanciful Twist!!!

I couldn't be more excited!
(And isn't Vanessa's announcement just too cute?)

Please remember to join us here on
Saturday, July 13th
for our party and also at
as well as the rest of the lovely people who also
have Mad Tea Parties on this day!!!

You can keep the White Rabbit on retainer if you wish,
to remind you not to be late,
but I will be reminding you as well!

Best start planning what you will wear starting now! 


  1. Dear Betty,

    Indeed,this invitation looks absolutely stunning....!:-)*
    Colorful,lovely and SOoooo funny.

    And the blog of ''Fanciful Twist''also beyond fantatsic,I like her colorful,smily and so enjoyable mood:)

    Have a wonderful week,


  2. Yahoo! You're having one, too! See you there. (Or should that be here. Well, here, there and everywhere.)


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