Thursday, March 14, 2013

I Think The Sky Is Falling...

Hello Dear Friends,
This is my collage for the collage challenge on Collage Obsessions.  The subject this week is "Inspired by Fairy Tales and/or Children's Literature".    I have chosen to depict the moment after Chicken Little was hit by the acorn and is just about to announce "The sky is falling!!!".  What a silly!  Please check out all the other interpretations of favorite children's stories here.

(Sources of my images for this collage:
Chick from an image from friend Nigea's long-gone and sorely-missed free graphics blogs
Bucolic garden image from my collage sheet "The Rose Garden" from my shop Velvet Revived on Etsy.)


  1. This is delightful. I think I can hear the chick.........

  2. So CHARMING...
    I agree with Electra! xo

  3. I had forgotten all about Chicken Little. Lovely to be reminded with this beautiful vintage image.

  4. Love your collage! Silly chick indeed!

  5. I've always loved the Chicken Licken story, so true of people in real life. Your little chick has just the right quizzical look as if she's trying to work out what has happened - or what she thinks has happened. The background is so peaceful, and altogether it makes a lovely collage.


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