Wednesday, November 21, 2012

It's That Time of Year Again...

Dear Friends,
Wishing you all a most happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

And if starting your holiday shopping is on your agenda, I hope you will consider staying home this year, shopping online and buying hand-made and vintage!  And to give you just that much more incentive, here are three coupons for all three of my shops on Etsy (and even a few gift ideas)!!  All three coupons are valid from Thursday, Thanksgiving Day (we will be happy to confirm orders and begin to pack them after we give our thanks and eat our dinner!!) through Cyber Monday!   Just make note of the coupon codes and insert them in the appropriate space in your order.  (You don't really have to remember them because they will be noted in the shop announcements of each shop as well.)  You may use the coupons as many times as you would like between Thursday and Monday!

When shopping for hand-made gifts, please consider a visit to The Gossamer Tearoom shop!  There, you will find so many lovely hand-made silk pillow brooches and pendants, hand-made cards and I will even be adding a few Christmas items this weekend as well!  And by using the coupon code above, you will receive free shipping for any purchase you make between Thursday and Monday!  

There is an antique dealer here in our little town who once said something very wise to me.  He said that he thought that being an antique dealer was great because it was the ultimate form of recycling!  Instead of old treasures just being thrown in the landfill because someone didn't know what to do with them, why not sell them to someone who wants them, can use them, will treasure them for decades longer (maybe more!).  I feel very strongly about my vintage shop, not just because many of the items came from my mother's vast collections of nearly everything imaginable, but also because I love the idea of keeping so many beautiful things in circulation and in the hearts and homes of people who love things with a history as much as I do!

Won't you consider adopting something older, 
but loved to give to someone who collects vintage items?
Or just maybe you can give someone a piece
 that will be the start of a whole new collection for them?

And so, between Thursday and Monday, by entering the coupon code when ordering beautiful vintage items from Mirabella Morello, you will receive 10% off all of your purchases!  Did you buy somethings, only to remember that one last thing that you should have purchased as well?  Not to worry!  There is no limit on how many time you can use the coupon between Thursday and Monday, so come on back!

Velvet Revived is my newest shop where I sell digital collage sheets that I lovingly make from all of the  vintage ephemera that belonged to five generations of women in my family (including me!).  I've always loved old postcards, old food package labels, old fruit crates!  And I'm so happy that I can make sheets of all of these images so that others can have as much fun using them as I do!  I've just finished two new sheets, both for Christmas.  So, all Black Friday/Cyber Weekend long, if you buy one of the new Christmas sheets, you may pick out any other sheet from the shop to receive for free!  Plus, there will be a special litttle mini sheet sent as yet another special "Thank You" for shoppng in my Etsy  shops this weekend!  There is no coupon code needed for this!

(And if used books are your favorite thing, don't forget to check out 
Mr. V's Amazon shop VixMixx as well!

Thank you so much for shopping at The Gossamer Tearoom, Mirabella Morello, Velvet Revived and VixMixx!   Every sale is very much greatly appreciated!

Wishing you a most wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhh~~~Here I am! It feels so peaceful here...My cup of Hot Earl Grey fills my heart and soul:) Thank you dear dear friend for being here....

  2. Oh my.... I'm really sorry... I forgot that wonderful day for you :(


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