Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Deliciously Creepy After-Halloween Treat...

Dearest Friends,
I hope you had a most lovely and most spooky All Hallows Eve!  Did you receive a lovely portion of treats when you went out Trick or Treating?  Have you finished sorting out and prioritizing which lovely pieces you will consume next?  Did you receive several packages of candy-coated spiderwebs, each in their brightly-colored, crackly cellophane packets?  And I hope you received some of the fun-sized packages of our favorites, the Brazilian Worm Cakes we served at our party!  If not, please take some for your ride home from The Tearoom today!

But, as a special treat (and just to remind you that everyday is Halloween in our hearts here at The Tearoom), here is an adorably creepy and beautiful video called "The Haunted Pumpkin" from The Jonny Clockworks Puppet Theatre in New York.  This video stars Baby June, billed as "The World's Oldest Baby Doll Star"!

Dear Mr. Jonny Clockworks has been such an inspiration to me in a a project which will be revealed soon...(by way of a hint, Dearest Deer Prince Jean-Cerf, whom you met at the party, is a part of it!).  His puppet theatre in New York City is in need of help.  Won't you please check out his website and consider a donation?

Wishing All a Happy Weekend!


UPDATE:  Posted by The Clockworks Blog 11/12 -
"Alas ! The ClockWorks is No More ! The remnants of the dream lie buried in a mausoleum , and shall remain there a slumber , until the recollection of wonder and marvel returns to the minds of men."
How very, very sad...

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