Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Visit from Past Friends...

Dearest Friends,
This is my submission for this week's collage challenge at Collage Obsession. While digging through the imaginary attic at The Tearoom, I found this cabinet card of Mademoiselle Magnolia and her Baby Petunia from 1923. Oh, what a wonder it is to find these pictures of friends from such long ago! I remember Mademoiselle Magnolia best for her beautiful green eyes! Aren't they lovely?


  1. I'm not sure Magnolia will ever be quite the same (or her baby)! Your sense of humor made me smile this morning. What a pleasant way to start my day!
    (Thanks for your kind comments about my Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley)

  2. Goo-goo-googley eyes!

    Your sense of humor is wonderful!

  3. I´m so happy that you are participating to this challenge. And wow, I love the card. :))


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