Monday, April 25, 2011


Dearest Friends of The Tearoom,
Welcome to the serenity of an empty room...

I don't often get a chance to participate in the challenges that I love, but here I am with my submission for this week's challenge on Collage Obsession.

It represents the warm, yummy cream we are painting in several places in our house, including the new studio space on the second floor, the old shabby rose wallpaper we can't afford to replace right now (not shabby chic, just shabby) which is OK because we actually like it and the clouds represent our hopes and dreams for our future.

We have found that an empty room, in the process of being beautified, can be such a serene place!


  1. Hi, I resolved the comment problem as you can see, I had disabled my cookies and that was the problem, so I enabled them back again and... problem solved!
    Bye Enjoy the empty room! :D

  2. hellooooo there! Wonder who she is, peeking out the door... She looks happy, slightly curious but not surprised. Does she know me? From another life, perhaps?

  3. Beautiful empty room, Betty!

  4. I love the lady peeking into the room! Nice idea! Your blog is wonderful.

  5. I recognize that sweet 'peeker' from PW! How fun that you used her this way....very clever!

    Great, blog, too! Warm and inviting. Thanks for coming by to see me!


  6. Thank you to everyone! (P.S. - I'm not sure what "PW" is, but actually this lady's face came from a much larger piece of clip art from The Graphics Fairy from a while ago. I have used her (and parts of her!) in a few pieces now.


  7. Wow, I must say, that I´m in love with your empty room, in general I love empty places, they are still so full of possibilities.

    Thank you for participating. :))

  8. Oh...HOW much I LOVE your creation,dear Betty!!!
    This door making me SO happy:-)*

    Much Love to you,

  9. So true, and I love how you chose to handle this challenge. Very unique and very appealing!

  10. Just wonderful! I love your interpretation!


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