Thursday, March 31, 2011


While we wait for a possible
14 inches of snow on this April Eve...

Here I sit...

Listening to Seal's "Amazing" on repeat...

("I want you to always feel you're amazing...")

All I can say is this:

Frida and I are ready for spring! NOW!

(Frida's fabulous spring fashion
from the venerable House of Tumble Fish Studios,
head couturier, the Marvelous Mademoiselle Marsha!)


  1. Frida is looking springalicious...I love Marsha's collage sheets..the graphics are wonderful!!! Here's to spring -- hope it arrives for you soon!

  2. Hello Betty! And hellooooo Frida! Between the post above this one and this one, you are making me wish harder for spring and summer. It has been an unusually cold and rainy winter here. I am tired of the drab and ready for the boring sunshine and 80's that usually drive me crazy each year. I get bored with them, but this year I'm bored with rain and cold. A nice mix of the two would be great. Well, Frida looks fabulous and your tea perked me up and so I am enjoying the warmth of your blog and lovely posts again!


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