Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Monsieur Hermé Raids the Garden Again...

My Dearest Friends,
You know you can trust me to bring you some of the most interesting, thinking-outside-of-the-box sorts of desserts. So, once again, I bring you something that may not be for everyone, but you're not here for a devil's food cupcake, are you?

You may remember my post from almost two years ago when Pierre Hermé paired lemon, strawberry and tomato into something surreally divine. (And if not, please feel free to click here!). Once again, he is pursuing what may seem to be unusual combinations in some of his recent macaron flavors, but really the stretch is not so far:

-Métissé: Carotte, Orange et Canelle (Carrot, Orange and Cinnamon) - This seems a very natural pairing to me. I used to drink a combination of carrot and orange or carrot and tangerine juice quite often and I can easily imagine cinnamon pairing with it ina very natural way. So many vegetables are normally seen as being savory, but many, like carrots, possess so much natural sweetness that they pair very easily with fruit.

-Dépaysé: Thé Vert Matcha, Haricot Rouge Azuki, Citron Vert & Gingembre (Matcha Green Tea, Red Adzuki Beans, Lime and Ginger) - This seems another natural matching, only with an Asian twist. The deeply intense matcha with the bright/deep lime and the bite of the ginger would be fantastic together. And utilizing red adzuki beans is brilliant because they are ground into a paste and made into desserts in China and Japan, as well as other dishes in Somalia and India.

-Asperge Verte et Huile de Noisette (Green Asperagus and Hazelnut oil) - This would be the challenging flavor combination, but I can see how the common earthy notes in the asperagus and the hazelnut could combine to make something very unique! And, once again, there is a note of sweetness in the freshest of spring asperagus.

But of course, if you are one of those picky kids who just refuses to have their vegetables, I won't make you sit at the table and pout! Please go pick something else for yourself from the dear little brochures that are given at his stores!


  1. Dearest Betty,
    Oh my let's sit down and have a grazing taste with our cup of tea today! What time should I come over?

  2. Dear Maria-Thérèse,
    I do appreciate your comment, coming from the devoted vegetarian that you are! Hugs, B

    Dear Janet,
    You may come anytime! That is the beauty of this place, I am always here, ready to have tea with you! xo, B

  3. Fantastic creativity! I have so enjoyed visiting your visual artistry and clever writing. Wonderful innovation!

  4. I love his Isapahan...lychee-rose-raspberry.
    The Dépaysé sounds like a Japanese dessert - in fact I just had a mochi cake of matcha and white bean today...and one with cherry blossom and leaf, red bean, and chestnut yesterday.
    And Herme and Laduree (and of course Mariage Freres tea salons - both Paris sites - and Serge Lutens for perfume) are on my list of must-visit when I go to Paris.

  5. Hi Miss Betty! You offer such delicious samplings of all kinds on your lovely blog. Thoroughly enjoyed a little snooping around this afternoon and even took another peek in your yummy Etsy. Pure delight in every direction. But so sorry to hear of your friend closing up her blog - those issues just upset me so as anyone who knows me will tell you. Wish I could have cheered her on and maybe offered some solutions, but I know full well the disappointment and violation that comes with nasty people taking what's not theirs' to take. Back to the happy things . . . I always love visiting you and I always love your visits to me. Makes me smile either way. Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  6. Dear Lori,
    I am so glad to have discovered you and am even happier that you came to visit The Tearoom!

    Dear Jyoti,
    PH's Ispahan ANYTHING is on my "must-try" list the next time I'm in Paris! Thé Cool is my favorite tearoom on the rue de Medici. VERY Marie Antoinette, but very modern at the same time!

    Dear Marsha,
    Your visits are always such a pleasure and thank you so much your visits to my Etsy shops as well! Your sharing spirit is so appreciated by The Universe in general and me specifically!


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